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    I use dip bait pretty frequently when going after channels and I thought I would share a tip that has increased my hook ups substantially.

    One problem I was having when using the rubber worm dip bait holder was the hooks. Most come with treble hooks but I found treble hooks very annoying when going after these fish because, in my experience, treble hooks can be nasty to get out of some fish and since I release alot of fish I want to release them in the best manner possible so they can grow healthy and provide enjoyment for other fisherman.

    This new set up I got working not only has provided less harmful hook ups for the fish, it has produced an almost perfect hook up result on every bite.

    I have attached a few pictures to illustrate what I've got.

    Basically I just feed my leader through the worm tube first. Then (this is the part I am very pleased with) I thread in a bead before the hook. This keeps the worm from sliding down on the hook during baiting in a tub of dip bat, casting, and during a strike. What I found was happening was that during one of these time the worm was sliding down on my hook and covering the hook tip and I was missing alot of fish. This bead completely eliminates this issue and works flawlessly in my testing so far. After the bead I tie on a 5/0 - 6/0 Octopus circle hook. I was hesitant to use this hook for fear of not having enough hook exposed for the circle hook to work correctly but it has proved the most successful so far.

    Sorry for the long post but I just thought I would post something that has helped me alot in having a safer, easier, more enjoyable time on the water.


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    great post bro thanks and reps to ya i hate treble hooks

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    Garrett, real good post, and welcome to the BOC!!!
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    We will be stocking dip bait worms soon with 3/0 sickle hooks in them. There killer and will fill the gap for people that would rather not use a trebble in theres.