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Using Dip Bait or Stink bait can give the fisherman great results when used properly. I usually use a number #4 treble with a Cat-Tracker tubie worm on a leader of 20 lb. test line. The tubie worm can be of any color. I like using chartruese, white, yellow and other available colors. When applying the dip bait, make sure the worm is completely dry. This helps from the bait slinging off during the cast. Also, it's a good practice to dip the worm with the dip bait into the water before casting. This allows the bait to lock onto the worm. I had great success using different dip baits. Those include Sonny's, Cat Tracker, Catfish Charlie and others. I pre-rig multiple leaders with worms and trebles attached when dip bait fishing. This keeps me from having to dry the same worm each time when fishing. I usually give the dip bait 15 to 20 minutes to work it's magic before reeling in and changing to a freshly baited worm. Current speed in the water dictates the time allowed before changing or rebaiting with the dip bait. Also I would like to include if the dip bait is dry, try adding a little cooking oil, "like Crisco", or if it's too runny, use a little flour to stiffen it up. Just experiment a little each time to get the proper consistentcy.

Give it a try! You might be hooked!
Good luck with you fishing and catch a biggun!:big_smile:

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