Dinks Deal last night......?

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    WHO WON!!! ?

    We showed up but there was 3 of us... so i didint even bother trying to enter ..

    I got a 15lb blue right off the bat down river in front of the salvage barges.
    Then can a 8-9lb flat head then all hell came about when we couldint start the boat .. (2002 pan fish setup from bass pro or something..)

    I seen you guys come haulin ass down river and cut into the canal about 5-7 boats.The sea arks were crazy bouncein all over the place lol.

    We got down to the pump house and the boat went wacko and the fuel pump gave so i had to hand pump the ball at idle speed for 3hrs going up the miss's in to the Missouri and then couldn't find the launch pad.(geez not one damn light)

    Im going to bed post up some info and pics and pot size... Whens the next on also?