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    below are pics of my tank that i was talking about on the "whats wrong with these gill's" thread, also the additives i treated the water with. forgive the gills and bullheads, they were a little shy and decided not to participate with the photo session :D. first of all the tank is a "packer 45" (45 gallon?) truck box, i drilled air holes into the lid to let fresh oxygen into the container. lid stays shut until i need bait or am adding bait. i have your basic undergravel filter system wit two Aquaclear 70 powerheads (old 802 powerheads) that i beleive pump 400gph. water is sucked through the gravel filtering the water and shoots out pumps with gobs of air bubbles. i see i forgot to replce one of the filter's caps befpre i took pics (dummy!) the white bottle of additives removes the chlorine and all the other bad junk, and the stuff in the blue bottle jump starts the growth of bacteria. the water conditioner in the white bottle i added a day before the fish and let the pump circulate it real good, and the bacteria growth chems are added at first, then 7 days later, then 14 days, and then i think after a month you do it once a month. my freind has an identical setup and keep at least 200 pumpkinseeds in it at all times, he also doesnt add any chems either. although he has well water where i have city water. i cant remember what i paid for all the stuff 7 years ago (except box, already had it) but i priced all the stuff the other day online.....powerheads-$45 each, undergravel filter and gravel-$25-$30.

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    Hey Dink, that looks like a Great setup!! Hopefully youll be able to keep all the fish alive this time as its no fun to kill fish, I done it last summer with 300 bucks worth of trout, ( I didnt but picked up and transported to a place that killed them overnight) That was money wasted!!

    As far as your sig line "on the hunt for the elusive 6-inch flattie! "
    I think I see it in one of your pictures......;)

    PS Let me know about tomorrow when you find out

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    I have about a 25 gallon rubbermaid tub that I run a power filter and an air stone too that I have been keeping my bluegills in. It works pretty well. I treat the water with the tetra water treatment I use on my 55 gallon aquarium in the house. I cant find anything that the gils will eat tho. I have tried shrimp pellets, tropical fish food, and floating ciclid pellets but nothing yet they will take too. Any advise? Or should I worry much about it?
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    nice tanks, i should try to set-up a bait tank of my own.
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    Try crickets or bee moths.Mine don't eat if I'm watching, but the bee moths are gone the next day.
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    Nice bait tank bro.