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    Drift buddy Randy and I went to Dillon this afternoon for Crappies.You can not believe guys at Eagles coffee clatch.A guy said crappies were hitting at Dillon along with bluegills,so being a pretty good crappie and gill man,wanting a mess to eat and also some flathead bait,we got a couple dozen minnows and away we went.Well,that was a total bust.Randy had one hard bite and missed and I had a dink of a bite.This went on for about 45 min at 4 different spots.We had enough fun doing that so we went to plan B.I got out the casting net-tossed it out one time and had enough shad to feed half of Viet Nam.We just happened to have our channel cat rigs with us.We started drigting at 5:10 and quit at 7:30.We put 14 in the boat-largest(only one I weighed) was 7-2.The rest were in the 2 1/2 to 4 lb range.I lost one real good fish and so did Randy.Just like the last time here,started slow,finished fast.Good fishing and be safe.
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    That Plan B seems like it worked out pretty well. Certainly alot better than alot of my Plan A's have so far this year. Good job!

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    Thank's for the report. I hope to hit Dillion again soon with my son.
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    its a good thing we all have a plan b,c,d,Lol