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  1. DirtyHowi

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    I think I know the answer, but wanted to check with ya'll first..(someone here will set it straight, and straight out so... here goes).

    All things considered i do OK, i would rather make more than i do, and an opportunity has come round that would allow me to pursue my career to the next level.

    Problem is its in nebraska, and i'm in virginia.. I personally don't have a problem moving there, nor does anyone in the family, but everytime i try to think it through i get this song stuck in my head. (more on this in a sec). In addition to work and family, i am also a cub scout den leader, my oldest son is a wolf scout (well the actual oldest is a marine, but with the current mrs.) the second one is a tiger cub, and i am the den leader for his den. We recently went to cub scout summer camp. all the career stuff started before that so has fried the ol crania thinking about it.

    I understand that what's right is never easy and what is easy is seldom right.

    the song that keeps coming up goes like this...

    softly falls the light of day,
    as my campfire fades away,

    silently each scout should ask
    have i done my daily task

    have i kept my honor bright,
    can i guiltless sleep tonight,

    have i done and have i dared
    everything to be prepared.

    I think the part that kicked the hardest is when one of my cubs asked who was gonna teach em to fish next year at camp, he dont' see his father (for reasons unknown) and mom works all the time so no time to go i suppose, and when he found out i took a bunch of the wolves fishing at camp his eyes lit up like the 4th o july...

    there in lies the dilemma brothers, all opinions welcome, as long as they are honest.
  2. Believer

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    Greenwood, AR.
    I guess it depends on whether you need the money or want the money. Life is all about priorities. Take some time pray about it & then make your decision.


  3. Dreadnaught

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    1. the catfishing fishing in nebraska is limited!!!
    2. are you happy in your current position???
    3. those kids apparently depend on you for support!
    4. do you like moving???
    These are the things that you need to consider before this decsision, IMO!!!
  4. Ol Man

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    I kinda like JW's list... Is "more money" substantial enough to justify uprooting..? On the flip side, you'll prolly get to do a lot of ice fishing...:lol:
  5. thegavel

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    West Des Moines, Iowa
    There is good fishing in Nebraska, but on a serious note it should not be a reason that you decide to move.

    I am young and have no family of my own (wife and kids not in the picture yet) and I just recently moved from Iowa to Chicago... It has been a rough transition. I worked as a youth service worker and when I told my kids that I was leaving and that someone else would be taking over they were the same way... who is going to do this with me, who is going to do that with me... It is really hard brother.

    It is impossible to help others unless you help yourself first. If you honestly think that taking this job will make you and your family happier then take it.

    My best advice is to sit back and pray on it as long as you can. Gather as much information as you can and just stew over it... make it a last minute decision!

    Whatever you decide to do, it HAS GOT TO BE ABOUT YOU!!! There are scouts in Nebraska that would be honored to have you I am sure... I am also willing to bet that someone would be able to step up and fill your position. It wouldn't be the same, but sometimes we have to let other people have the oppertunity to lead as well brother!

    Best of luck in your decision and let me know what you decide!!! Don't forget that no matter where you are, Jesus is only a knee-mail away!!!

    Praying for you
  6. Bubbakat

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    Ole JW hit it right on the nose here.
  7. suddawg

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    I agree with everyone whole-heartedly. Nebraska has awesome fishing, during summer and winter. But JW is somewhat correct on the limited time for catfishing in Nebraska. You can fish for catfish in the winter, but you'll be outside in the midwest winter (close to low 20's or less, high wind, and with/without snow.)

    So your family needs to know that they would be dealing with harsh winters, and bad tornado seasons. In the end you'll allways be torn between the place you lived before and the place you moved. Heck, I reenlisted for 5 years to get stationed back home. You have to do what's good for you and your family.

    If you don't mind me asking where is the job located in Nebraska? If it's in the Omaha/south eastern portion of the state, you'll have a good BOC buddy already there, and sure there are plenty more of the Nebraska BOC members that will welcome you also. :big_smile:

  8. laidbck111

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    you have a lot of variables to consider with that question. I would consider family and happiness to be the first two things on my list. Money comes and goes you can make more anytime but it ain't worth spit if you are your family isn't happy. You have a tough choice to make even without the scouts and the little boy. i wish you luck in whatever choice you make.
  9. Lngbo

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    Marion Ark
    Larry, You are going to have to follow your heart on this one, Go sit on the river bank and watch the current moving and think it through. You can't go wrong if you follow your heart.
  10. Buddrice

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    I agree once again with John.Your family should be your first concern.Is the new job and money worth the uprooting of the family from a place you call home.God is who you need to be asking,not us.Brother,what ever you decide I wish you the best...
  11. olefin

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    Larry, I think a person should always try to plan for the future. Not for tomorrow but for years to come. Try to do whats best for the long range future of your family... job and family works together.
    As for as the scouts.. they have scouts in Nebraska.
    And there will be someone to take your place in the Virgina scouts.

    My wife and I made a similar decision 50 years ago when we moved from Arkansas. We left all our immediate family (on both sides) and moved 650 miles so I could have a better opportunity in finding a good job. It mean that our kids would grow up without a real close relation with their grandparents. It would mean endless trips back and forth from TX to AR... but it was the best decision we ever made.

    What ever you decide, we wish you and your family all the luck in the world.
  12. Georgiajack

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    Ultimately, it is your decision, and yours alone. You have gotten some very good advice from our fellow brothers. Take it to God, and follow you heart. If you decide to move, I am sure you will help find a suitable replacement to pick up where you left off with the scouts. Wishing you the best on your decision. Good fishing. Jack.
  13. Wil

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    Minden Nebraska
    the catfishing here isnt too limited, theres a lot of farmponds and a lot of lakes, not too many rivers but there are some, theres a good sized on everypart of the state. we have plenty of places to fish it just depends on where u are on how many places u have.
  14. bigmike

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    Ultimately brother it is your decision so listen close to your heart. This is my input though if you don't NEED the money but would like it there is the decision you face. You know I was faced with sort of the same cross roads as I have mentioned I live paycheck to paycheck, but everything gets payed I just don't get to buy all the extras I want sometimes and was offered a job that would let afford all the goodies I desired. When it came down to it I would see my family less, moved away from the friends I had, and been in a job that was not my favorite- but it brought the money. I chose to be happy with my family I guess in my case the job/money would not have brought happiness just money so here I sit living paycheck to paycheck and happy as pie
  15. mandisue13

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    arlington, every time you post a new avatar you get better lookin. whats up with that?

    the decision to move is hard. when i was dating my husband i was in college on a theatre scholarship...i was offered a good oppourtunity. i was offered the chance to go to chicago for the summer working in the summer stock theatre group....i would get paid and principle roles and work as a stage manager...HOWEVER....i decided agaisnt it. my boss who is my husbands sis in law told me if i went she was gonna hook him up with someone else and i freaked out and that was when i knew i loved him. do i regret it ..no...i do think about what may have been..but 9 years of marriage and a 5 yr old boy is well worth not going.
  16. catseeman

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    thake the young scout fishing before making the decision. good advise has already been offered. Its tuff, i know, Ihave regrets from dooing it both ways. stayed when i should have moved and moved when i should have stayed. Anymore it seems there id no real job security. Do what you think will be best for you and the family. It will work out I have faith. And thanks for being a scout leader. the country needs more of them.
  17. TA2D

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    Wants VS Needs that is what it will boil down to. We have some good fishing on the eastern part of the state with the Missouri river and all those that drain into it. Like another brother said take the scout fishing and see how that goes. You can always go back on a vacaiton.


  18. Dano

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    I like that and agree but I will add something, you may not understand.

    For a man its not about fishing, its about beliefs, what makes you, what you care about and can sleep with. .
    For a future, its takes what makes the check and security in life. Both can be learned to except. Only one will make you happy, but compromise will give you both.
  19. spaceman

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    Strong, Ar
    You have gotten a lot of good info. from everyone. You and your family come first, do what's right for ya'll. One thing i have found out from 20 years in the military and 11 moves from state to state or country is that your home is what you make it. The best location in the world is bad if you don't like it and the worst location is great if you love it. You and family must decide what you do. If you go, someone will fill the void there, if you stay the void in neb. will be filled. Good Luck
  20. DirtyHowi

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    Sorry for the late reply, I cannot express how much all ya'lls thoughts meant,

    We have decided to hang here for a while..not for any of the reasons i mentioned initially, but I just got a weird feeling of (doom?) from the fellow i spoke with.

    besides, the only thing my job is missing is a good paycheck, and the boss is working on that for me.

    knee mail works if your there to hear the reply.