Different things that make folks laugh

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    There are times that I set back and watch people and watch what they do for fun and watch and see what they do that makes them laugh.

    As children, we didn't have a lot, however, we did invent things to entertain ourselves with.

    I must admit, that I feel we had it better than a lot of children, in that myself and my brother, Robbie, got to go with daddy to a lot of Tennessee Walking Horse Shows as daddy was a professional trainer of Tennessee Walking Horses. As young kids, Rob and I went along to help, and then as we got into our teens, we were taken along to help and then we also showed the horses in the classes. Rob is 4 years younger than I am, so I was on the road sooner than Rob was. Plus, I always wanted to be outside and in the barn with daddy than in the house ANY ole day.

    When we moved from Black Rock, AR, around 1965, we moved to Searcy, AR, where daddy went to work for Joe Webb, training Walking Horses. Joe and daddy went on to win several championships at the National Celebration in Shelbyville TN on such horses as Carbon Copy, The Entertainer and Mark of Carbon. Joe had a colored man working for him by the name of Bean-O. Now, Bean-O was my buddy. I think from the time I was 9 years old, I was taller than Bean-O and still am :))) and Bean-O or Beanie as we call him, is STILL MY BUDDY!!!!!!!!!

    Daddy went on to start his own barn and his own sting of horses and we ended up living in several different towns in Arkansas before ending up here in southern MO. I can not even begin to name all the towns in AR, TN, TX, MO and KS that I have shown horses in. I have so many memories of different horse shows, some bad, some good and some so funny, that I can still grin and some even make me break out laughing to this day!!!

    My horse jumped the rail fence and went back to the barn with me on it at the American Royal in KC MO one time. I ran over the judge at the State Fair in Sedalia MO on a horse. My horse got loose from me on the way to the ring at the Little Rock State Exposition at Little Rock AR and ran into the ring without me and I had to chase it down and get on it IN the ring. But the funniest thing that EVER happened and STILL makes me laugh out loud happened in Biloxi MS and didn't even involve a horse!!!

    It was about day 3 of the horse show and it was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and all the saddles had been polished and I had braided all the horses manes and everything was ready until about an hour before show time. I had my riding habit all ready and I knew I had about 3 hours to kill before things got dang busy and before it was time for me to get nervous. Yes, I got real nervous before show time, I would be riding some real expensive horses and the difference between 1st place and 2nd place could mean the difference between daddy getting a customer or making a sale.

    I had won in one of the 3 classes I had shown in the night before and daddy had given me the money that was attached to the trophy. It was more money than I knew what to do with, so I gave all the money to him except for 3 dollars and I kept that much money.

    I had gotten myself a sody and some cotton candy and was just blundering around the fairgrounds when I heard someone hollerin, "Miz Becky, MIZ BECKKKKKKKKKYYYYYYYYY'". It was Beanie and he was so winded and laugin so hard that I was having a hard time understanding him. The more he would try to tell me what he was trying to tell me, the more tickled he would get. So I gave him a drink of my sody and he finally just grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the arena.

    Now folks, there is NO way, I am going to be able to describe what him and I saw. But I am going to try.

    There was this man. He had about 5 border collie dogs, and these dogs were herding gooses, geese's, whatever you want to call them, white waddlin squawkin birds, poopin every step they took!!

    NOW, each of these dogs, had a monkey on it's back. NOW, each of these monkeys, was settin on a lil saddle, had chaps on, a lil hat on, and a lil bandana on. OKAY.

    This man, had a whistle, and he would use different sounds with this whistle to get the dogs to do different things to get the dogs to do, to take the dogs and the gooses through to obstacle course.

    The obstacle course consisted of taking the gooses around 3 barrels like in barrel racing, up and over a couple of teeter totters and then into a holding pen, without a gate, and hold them there.


    This man had a microphone and he would tell you what he was going to have the dogs do next. He also went on to tell, how he had a new gyp, I think her name was Annie, and how this was her first time out at a show, and how IF she didn't do quite right, that it was to be understood, for she was very young and just learning and being trained. OKAY.

    First thing he did was have the dogs just run around and around and around the arena. It was quite funny to watch those monkeys ride those dogs. The monkey didn't look quite pleased to be there nor did they look quite pleased to be on the dogs. And I don't think the dogs were very pleased to have the monkeys on them either. The monkeys would reach up and grab the dog by the ear and pull it and the dog would try and reach back and bite the monkey and for some reason the monkey would reach under the dogs belly and do something. Never could figure that one out.

    Okay, out come the geese, feathers everywhere. Man would blow the whistle, certain dogs would do certain things, and the geese would be gathered up into a small group. Dogs would hunker down while other dogs would work. Monkey would reach up and just poke a dog in the eye or grab his ear, dog would yelp, dog would try and bite monkey, monkey would reach under dogs belly, Beanie would fall down laughing, I would just stand there trying to figure out what was going on!!!!

    I would get to laughing cause Beanie was laughing so hard.

    About that time, the man calls out Annie. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Annie had just been setting by the man, complete with monkey on her back. The other dogs had the geese doing the figure 8 around the barrels, going real slow and Annie was to just join in. Well Annie joins in okay, she goes in full blast. Goes in running as fast as she can. Bites 3 geese, they go in all directions. Man is blowing his whistle for all he has. He finally gets angry and goes to hollering. This scares Annie so she decides to run and get into her dog box.

    About this time, Beanie looses his air and I do too. For I see it coming. I see the dog box and I see the hole that Annie is going to go in to and it ain't big enough for Annie AND THE MONKEY. But in the dog box Annie goes. The last thing you see as Annie goes in, is that poor ole monkey is laid back, backwards on Annie's back as she goes through that hole. I fall down laughing.

    WELL, that man is still hollerin and blowin that whistle and Annie decides she had better come OUT of that dog box and OUT she comes. Monkey too! It is then I figure things out. First off, when Annie comes out, the monkey IS still on Annie, but not on Annie's back, but under her belly. AND I figure out WHY the monkeys are reaching under the dog's bellies, them poor ole monkey's feet are tied together under the dog's bellies!!! So that is why every time the dogs tries to bite them they are reaching under the dogs bellies!!!!!!!!!!

    I am down and laughing so hard by then that Beanie and I have to leave. My sides hurt so much that we can't stay and watch anymore. We make it back to the barn. Daddy and Joe want to know what is wrong with us and it is a hour before we can even tell them.

    When daddy died, Beanie called me. His calling me made me really cry. The last thing he said to me was, 'Miz Becky, you ever seen a monkey ride a dog'? It made me laugh.
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    Thank you...amusing and well written.