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Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by kenmany, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. kenmany

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    Hello everyone. Just wondering what kind of rigs everyone uses for big flatheads. I use a simple circle hook, 12" leader(usually 50lb), barrell swivel, bead and weight(1.5-4oz). Any new ideas of different leaders that might be ok to use for the big boys?
  2. KansasKatter

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    I use the same rig you use some of the time, only with a Kahle hook, and 30lb leader. I don't like to use anything over 30lb test with live bait because it does not look as natural with heavy line, just my opinion.

    Sometimes I use a 3 way rig, with a three way swivel, a 30lb leader, and 1oz egg sinker on 6 lb test line, so it will break away easy if it gets hung, and all I have to do is replace sinker, instead of whole rig. The three way rig keeps your bait about a foot off the bottom, or however much you want it off the bottom for that matter. Also allows your bait to swim freely in circles.

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    I use the same rig you do but I use 50 lb power-pro for leaders do to the small dia which gives the live bait more freedom to move. 50 lb power-pro is the same size dia as 12 lb mono.
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    8/0 Owner circle hook with about 18" of 80lb leader and a 2-4oz weight, cant go wrong. I have caught some good flatheads with a carolina rig too.
  5. Xterra_Man

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    I have been using a eagle claw catfish rig and a 1/0 hook
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    I do pretty much the same thing: carolina rig or fishfinder rig. On the fishfinder rig, i use a sinker slide with a snap so I can change sinkers easily. I like to use different sinkers for differnet situations:

    For example:
    The rod that goes straight back behing the boat gets a small egg sinker. All it has to do is keep the bait on the bottom.

    Generally I have at least one rod rigged with a pyramid sinker so I can throw it off to the side (cross the current in the river) and the pyramid will hold.