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  1. jg_gmc

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    west virginia
    guys, i was wondering if it matters much what kind of sinker i use. ive heard all about bank sinkers,egg sinkers,baitwalking and theres the ones with rubber in them to stop them from slipping, ive recently heard of a "no roll sinker" but cant seem to find them to buy....ive found the molds to make them, but thats not helping me too much right now. im using a carolina rig sinker now, but just because it slides on my line...am i hindering my catching potential by not even knowing what a carolina rig is, and if i should be using that shape sinker? any help is appreciated.
  2. biga

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    the sinker and the rig you use varies by the fishing conditions.. what type of water do you fish? lakes, rivers , creeks or streams? the norolls are great for fast current and vary in weight for different current .. egg sinkers are another great choice to use in lakes and slow water...

  3. Mickey

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    Justin you are not hindering your fishing using a Carolina rig. There are several different methods one can use catfishing. The difference in the egg sinker and the no roll sinker is that the flat no roll works better in current. If your present rig sets quietly in little to no current, then continue to use the Carolina rig with the egg sinker. Flat no roll sinkers can be purchased in many places. Do to weight and shipping cost, I would suggest you check with fisherman in your immediate area.
  4. x smokin joe

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    I fish mostly rivers and prefer bank sinkers. In strong currents I'll tie on 2 or 3 2 oz instead of one 4 or 5 oz. They seem to stay in place better than 1 big sinker.
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    I fish mainly on rivers and use 3-6ozs of weight even more depending on current.I prefer to use no rolls and egg sinkers. Many different ways to rig just depends on what structure or what the waters are like that you are fishing in.
  6. flathunter

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    I fish rivers, and use 5-oz no rolls rigged carolina style most of the time.

    You can get them in bulk fairly cheap from ebay, do a search for no roll sinkers.
  7. catfishcrazy256

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    i use mostly bank sinkers on a slide
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    The main difference between a no roll and an egg is that the no roll.... well, it doesn't roll. In current the pressure of the water will cause an egg sinker to move with the current down stream of where you cast it. While this is not bad, it actually can help you fish a little larger area with less effort... until you get into snaggy water where a no roll will make you a much more precise presentation.

    To find no rolls, I would suggest finding a "local" bait shop and inquire about them there. If a store operator can smell a profit and/or a really good product, they may start to carry it. Otherwise you may look for a group that makes them as a weekend thing here on the BOC. The Ohio group is doing theirs tomorrow, Feb 23, 2008. There will be a big group, some guys bringing up to 200lbs of lead.... each. I'm cookin, so you are welcome to join us except it may be a long drive for you and it just snowed.... you can find us in the Ohio Forum.

    Good Luck,
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    south east ohio
    For most small to medium size rivers use the Carolina rig with a Bank or no-roll sinker. All the carolina rig does is let the fish pull line in free spool with the clicker on. The line passes thru the sinker and the fish never feels it. It is basically a live bait method for flatheads. I also use it for channel cat fishing, but then I'm looking for larger channels. Eggs just tend to roll downstream till they lodge under a rock or the hook snags on something. Thats bad if you need your bait to stay where you casted it. If you fish tight line without a clicker you don't need to tie a carolina rig. Just let the sinker slide right up to the hook. Just be sure to place a bead between the knot and sinker.
  10. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Justin, I have the mold for the 3, 4 and 5 ounce no-roll sinkers. I've made quite a few up for various members. I have to pay .75 cents per pound for lead as the tire shops won't give any away and thats what I ask for in re-imbursement. I don't make the sinkers for profit. Then the post office charges around $9.00 for shipping. PM me if your interested.
  11. catfish_clayton

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    Catania, Italy,
    I fish mainly rivers, so I use 3-5oz. no rools, but when I fish backwaters & lakes I use 1-2oz. egg sinkers.