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  1. kscathunter

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    anyone use different color led flashlights when fishing? i got a couple led flashlights that came with blue and red lense covers but along with changing the color it changed the light output dramaticaly red more than blue. the kids got a couple toys with blue leds and the light output is greater than my 1 watt with the blue lense so i know the colored led upgrade would be far better than a lense cover. anyone tried different colors and find one better than another? i heard green is good (less bugs ect.) blue looks cool reds supposed to be good for vision.
  2. lendog

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    berks, PA
    all the cap lights i own are the white LED, but i'd like ta get a black light one, that would make it nice to see the tip of my pole and the high vis. braid, not sure how bright or useful they are when it comes to needing light for tying knots and stuff like that

  3. Arkansascatman777

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    I use the white/red combo led hat lights for night fishing, that you can buy at walmart for $18 or $19. I just turn the white light on when I need to see something in the bottom of the boat,tackle bag, re-tying etc... But leave the red on continuous to be able to see my rod tip, the red also does not attract bugs and flying insects, Red is not the best as far as visibility. Never tried one with blue.
  4. readingcatfisher

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    I have the black light cap light and it makes my rod tip glow very bright makes it nice and easy to see and I also have the white LED and red LED strap headlamp works great:wink:
  5. Iowa_Josh

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    I made a headlamp dedicated to red last year to try it out. It was a 1 watt thing, not just one 5mm LED. It seemed bright indoors but red doesn't reflect off of green so it seems real dark outside when the leaves are on the trees and the grass is tall. Green might be cool and amber isn't supposed to attract some bugs and I might try them out later this year. The downside is the different color LEDs have very different current requirements so you can't just swap some of them. All of that and no one has pointed out what colors catfish can see, if any?
  6. bowhuntr0374

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    i have tried all of them and from what i have seen the green is better as far a visability goes and not attracting bug's,it's far brighter than the red.the black one is awesome for lighting up hi vis line's ,but not really bright enough for other thing's.sure wish they made one of those head light's with a green and black light in them!!!!!
  7. daystarchis

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    I do the same. My head light has a high bean and low beam with the red led light. The led does not use much battery life as well. I never tried any other color
  8. GMC FishHauler

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    i prefer green lights for keeping my night vision from being ruined. Red is OK, blue really kills my NV, never used a black light LED so i can not say anything about them.