Differences between Ugly Stick and Tiger Rods

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by HARVRAD2003, Mar 16, 2006.

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    I know the TIGER rod is made by Ugly Stick, however are they that much better built than the regular black Ugly Stick. I know there are some differences, I just didn't know if you took two rated for the same amount which one would hold up best. I have both, the TIGER sure looks better--don't know if it's the color or what but just by looking at them they seem to have a special durability.
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    Look at the differences in the line weights, but also the guides, and how they are mounted, etc. Tiher Rods generally have more backbone, even for a given line rating. Actually there is one line of Ugly Stik, the Big Water Boat rods, that are very comparable to the Tigers, but they are black, and have the inserts in the guides vs the solid stainless steel on the Tigers.

    There are dozens of different models of Shakespeare Ugly Stiks, some I wouldn't trust for a channel cat, others could land a whale.


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    Shakespeare makes three different rods with close names, The Tiger rod thats white its a ok rod but not one I would use. The True Ugly Stik that are black, The Ugly Stik Cat/Striper rods are white and the Ugly Stik Tiger which is Orange.