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difference in lines

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im new to this board aand was wondering what the difference between the berkley big game in the solar green and the big cat lines because right now i have big cat in 20lb on my abu 6500 c3 and stren high impact in 30lb on and abu 6000 so i was wondering which line would be better

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Well, I think that the Big Cat is more abrasion resistant, so it would be best if you were fishing for flatheads, since they hang around structure. The high impact would be good for blues, because they like to slam your bait. So you are probably doing ok either way.
The Big Cat line and the Big Game line in Hi-vis is better.
i put the solar green big game on my largest reel (penn 210) last year "40 lb test" and thought at first i didnt like it to much because it held the memory so much! but the longer it's been on the better it seems to cast, i think it is really gonna be good line.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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