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Difference in Abu Garcia reels

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maybe I was sleepy or something but i finally got a chance to cast, reel in a 7000iC3, went fishing with a buddy friday, he had a 7000iC3 and I had my 7000i, now I know how people on the forum say that an IC3 is this and that but i didnt feel a difference, they both had the signature Abu smoothness, clickers were identical and they cast the same distance, I just didnt feel a difference with the upgraded drag and bearings of the IC3, what gives? Just like with the 6600BCX, my buddy Mike (blucat69) has a few of them on his boat along with TCs, C3s and I cant tell the difference when were casting or reeling in. But I can tell the difference in the smoothness in my 6500C3, 6500C4, green cat and 6500 2-speed, they all cast the same but have a slightly different feel when reeling in, I have a brand new 6600BCX I havent used yet, maybe I'll take them all out and try them this week.
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I don't have near the experience you have with all the different reels you have listed. I understand exactly what you are saying. But I would bet if you only bank fished with a couple meat hunter 12' rods and needed to cast 80-100 yards to get to and pull in some #50 plus blues, it would probably become easier to weed out the slackers. Good luck.
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