Difference between a 90 and 115 jet on a 20 foot Jon

Discussion in 'Boating' started by loanwizard, Feb 13, 2007.

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    The wife heard I was going to redo my pontoon and is forcing me to sell my two boats and get 1 new one.I am looking at a 2072SC SeaArk or a 2072 G3 or a 1966 G3 with either a 90 or 115 Yamaha Jet. I was told there is only about a 3mph difference between the two engines 35mph vs 32 mph.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Might have to price me a weldcraft seeing as they are a sponsor.
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    For me personally I'd go with the bigger motor. While top end speed would not be that critical for me. Getting the boat up on plane quickly would be. Make sure you take some pics of your new boat and keep us updated.

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    Go with the 115 or bigger,a little more speed.But it will increase ur load carrying ability a bunch.Why with all that bait,beer,ice,food,rods,reels,coolers,babes and buds your going to need that bigger motor. Then u can jump those beaver dams with plenty of power to spare......:cool2:

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    mspratt, thats what im talkin bout :lol:

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    Shawn I run a 90/65 jet and a 115/80 jet different boats will handle it different but maybe only 5 mph at tops.

    I do have some information for you that may help as well The Sea Ark 2072 will out do the G3 it is build better and do handle better with the jet on it. Also the livewell add a big plus to it. I have run the 2072 with myself and a dealer with the 115/80 and it handles very well in open waters.

    I would also check out the Polar Kraft 2096 more open room with a deeper live well. I have one on order now with a 115/80 jet handles as good if not alittle better than the Sea Ark. Cost was just about the same but the bigger livewell and the way it is finished off inside is what sold me on the boat

    There is a link on my web site to Ducky's boat you can see both of the there they are my new sponsors. Plus over the last month I have worked two shows with them and talked to many of people who run sea ark, polar kraft,G3.War Eagles,Trackers,Grizzy and others. Many of them realy like what they saw in the polar Kraft setting side by side with the sea ark. Just something to check into and hope it helps.