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Did you listen?

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I am ashamed to admit it, but I am so self critical, that I didnt even listen to the interview this morning. I was so upset with the way it went during the recording, that I just couldnt listen. I know it sounds stupid, and what is even worse is you cannot podcast the show like I thought. Its the only show on the station that doesnt have a podcast, figures...So those that did listen what did you think? Be honest, keep in mind that I was very nervous, it was like stepping off the C130 in Bagdhad again lol...I dont know why I was so nervous, but I am sure it showed on the interview. I wish I could have gotten all my points across, but lets face it we arent talking about bass or crappie, so its hard to find someone who cares. On the emails I have with this man back and forth, he is behind me 100%, I just wish he would have given me more time. Nonetheless I realize its a short show, and am still grateful that he gave me the time that he did.

I am not a one and done type of guy, I plan to try and get on more radio shows, magazines, etc..So I need you guys to be honest on what I could have done better, which I know is alot. First time jitters I guess.

Thanks for all your support, and please help me continue in this fight. We have to try and get some regulations past, our sport depends on it. We dont have to, nor do I want to put people out of buisness, but if something doesnt change, a 20lb catfish with be a trophy is the years to come. I cant do this alone, screaming at each other behind a key board isn't gonna help anything.
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