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That mono. line can stretch approx. 25 to 28%. A study was done by the bass proffessor of long ago, a Mr. Hannan, I beleive, who stated that his studies showed that when a bass fisherman jerks the rod back to set the hook that he is only putting 5 pounds of pressure at the end of the fishing line where the bass is located. This is a good reason to let the catfish load up the rod (this removes the stretch in the line) and gives you a better chance to get a hook set if you are using a J hook. If you are using a circle hook the loading up of the rod will take care of the hook set.

That the new braided type lines do not have any stretch and thus, the impact of the fish striking is sudden. When you set your J hook it takes place right then and if you are using a circle hook, again, just let it load up and pick the rod up out of your rod holder and bring the trophy in.

That the sun (uv rays) and transporting your gear is what damages your mono. line more than anything else. That rocks and tree stumps/limbs will damage the braided line more than anything else. Also, the braided lines can damage your rod guides and eye on the tip and this in turn will damage the braided type lines.

That you can use almost any knot on mono. line, but you are restriced to maybe two knots with the braided line. Also, you can put your mono. line staight on the spool, but you have to have a mono. line backing or tape on the spool before installing the braided line.

That you can spray Blakemores contact cleaner on your mono. line and it will take the curl out of it. This works real good with spinning reels and ends that loop over that you see every now and then on your spool. You can also use Blackemores contact cleaner on all electrical connection (plug in for your trolling motor, battery post, your sonar unit, bow and stern light connections, etc.).

That you can find most of what I shared with you (above) in the BOC Library.
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