Did great at the creek on friday

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    well barbel and i went down to the creek by his house just as a get together mostly every weekend. and he wanted to try a new spot so i said eh what the heck lets do it. little did we know there were going to be some awsome fish in this little inlet were it was somewhat dammed up and the fish were kinda just living in there trapped if you wanted to put it that way. lol. so around 7:00 pm we rig up and throw our lines out and we started a fire as we are getting that going we here just a little click. barbel looks over at me. "you here that?". i said "ya i did". all of a sudden we here the clicker go off again but this time about 1.5 seconds long. so barbel goes to set the hook and sure enough it was a fish on there. so its pitch black out we cant see because the fire only puts out about a 3 foot light radius lol. surely enough it was a 5lb channel cat that fought like there was no tomorrow. lol. so we keep him on the stringer to get pictures and then all of a sudden we here my bell go off. it wasnt no 5 lb channel but it was this really fat. like talking obese fat bullhead. it had to atleast weigh in at about 2 pounds. and that was our adventure that night at the creek.
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    That was a good night, Cory. If anyone wants to see the pictures, they are here:

    The 5 lb. channel cat

    And the little fat bullhead

    But the deal with the little spot was right. It had a nice log piling on the south bank of the creek, and it was DEEP for a creek of that size. North bank we couldnt even see the bottom. As soon as it turned to water, just all the way down. There were some muskrats there too, but we didnt may them much mind.

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    Hey, it looks like ya'll done all right.

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    Thats 2 more than I caught this weekend, lol. :0a10:
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    Sounds Like You Guys Are Having A Good Year Already. Keep On Top Of Those Fish. Locating Them Is Half The Battle. I Have A Feeling That You Guys Will Be Showing Off Some Big Fish Pics By The Time Summer Is Here. Good Luck! Keep Posting On Your Catches.