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Went to a small park by rancho buena vista highschool with half acre pond and did a little fishin got there around 5:30 and left around 7:30
I normally never catch anything there cause im always throwing lures except one largemouth bass that i caught the first time i ever fished there
But my friends insisted on using hot dogs
didnt have much luck for a while then about an hour into fishing we found the spot
i hooked into a little 1/2 a pound largemouth, then my friend kyle hooked into like a 2 pound turtle, next my other friend brooks hooks into a nice size channe cat, then my friend kyle catchs another turtle except this one is a little bigger, then i catch a good size channel cat
That all hppened within like 20 minutes too
We also got a ton of other hits but wen we went to set the hook they would drop it
The cats looked kinda weird
They were a yellwoish greenish color
But all fish and turtles were safely released to be caught again
Going back tomorow for the whole day
I cant wait
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