diamond valley boat launch extention approved

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    Diamond Valley Lake could reopen to private boaters as early as February following Metropolitan Water District directors' authorization today to extend the lake's boat ramp left above water line by a drop in the lake level.

    Metropolitan will spend an estimated $1.1 million to extend three lanes of the existing 11-lane ramp by 228 feet.

    The cost will be recouped by increasing parking and launch fees, according to a district news release.

    Fishing enthusiasts collected petition signatures offering to pay higher fees if the project would move forward and some showed up at district board meetings in Los Angeles to press for the ramp work.

    The ramps closed last October, five years after the man-made reservoir opened southwest of Hemet. Record low water levels dropped below the existing launch ramp.
    Anglers can still fish from the shoreline or rent boats at the lake marina.
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    Thats good news. That is one of the things that hampered me from going there recently because I did not want to rent a boat there for the high fees they had. Tremendous fishing has been going on at DVL too with the low water level. Eventhough February is a while away, I guess it could have been longer otherwise. I wonder how much more the parking fee and launch fee could be? BTW I was one of the people that signed that petition so I am glad it worked out.