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Detroit River

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The Detroit River is about 51 km (32 miles) long and 1 to 4 km (0.5 to 2.5 miles) wide in the Great Lakes system.
word has it that there is fantastic night fishing at the mouth of the detroit river at night, provided you dont mind a 30:1 sheepshead to cat ratio.

lmao- good luck out there watch out for freighters!

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Hey guys...

Quick pic of the possibilities on the Detroit for walleye this last weekend. They say the 'eyes will be in there for another good month. Sorry... no cats were harmed in the duration of this trip, but probably more than 40 one ounce jigs did not come back with us and were swallowed by Poseidon himself.... or maybe it was just rock pilings.



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Hay Sal easy your going to wear that new boat out:big_smile_2:
hear_kitty said:
Hay Sal easy your going to wear that new boat out:big_smile_2:

Not this time bro- Not the Detroit River. I went with my Fedex Delivery guy in his boat. I dont want my hull glowing in the dark.


Sweet Stringers.
I bet those were tasty!! Kinda reminds me of Canada.
I'll be damed! Sal and some fish! LOL! MMMMM GOOD! Nice catch!
Nicely done Sal. When are you going to get your new boat wet? It sure sounds like they are getting some nice fish on the Grand!
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