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Eric from Indianapolis
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I've fished there quite a few times while on vacation. The cobia season should be getting started down there soon. But those are most commonly caught from a boat, and are a blast to catch.
If you're surf casting, look at Henderson Near Shore reef park. There's decent structure through there.
Also, the jetty where the harbor entrance is a great spot.
If you feel like driving just a bit west, there's a nice pier down in Ft Walton Beach. They sell bait there too. Good luck and let us know how you do.
Oh, and if you want some amazing pizza hit up Helen Back's in Ft Walton.

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Some of the best bait we used while there were sand fleas. Crack the shell some before putting on hook. After dark go to the beach with a 6 to 10" heavy duty minnow net, flashlight and a bucket. As the waves leave the shore watch for bubbles in the sand. Dip the net into the sand 4 to 6 inches. Let the next wave wash the sand from the net.
We tried fishing from the beach, no good. A few beaches you can't have tackle with you. Public use shore land is hard to find. We launched our kayaks from Hwy 331 bridge. There are a few spots along the causeway you can park, fish, launch. Speared a few flounder after dark.
After fishing 3 days of our 5 day trip we had 11 flounders, 1 13" tile, 6 small sharks and about 30 blood cats. The cats aren't any good.
We rented a house 3 blocks off the beach that would house our families of 12. I carried a fryer base, pot and deep frier, didn't use the frier. Bought extra large shrimp from a street vendor cheaper than at stores. Potatoes, corn and sausage from a store. Had our own boil twice during our stay.
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