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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Creteus, Jan 14, 2007.

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    Loganville, GA
    I think theres someone out there that needs to fish more than any of us. Yesterday we were at a friend of ours baby shower and decided to stay due to the long drive. Well I awoke to find my truck window had found its way to the ground, and in the floor board and in the seat. Now normally I would have been completely pissed and raising hell, but as I looked a little closer the only thing that was stolen was my tackle box. Don't get me wrong I am fond of the box and all the goodies inside, but the $300 leather jacket, all the cds, and the other nicknacks were still in the truck in plan sight. I just kinda laughed at the thought that this guy really wanted to go fishing. He could of at least left me a check for the window:roll_eyes: . Just thought that I'd share my Sunday morn with you.

  2. thegavel

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    Sorry to hear about your window... I would say the tackle too, but I am still in awe... Who does this?

    Hope that you are able to replace everything, and didn't have anything sentimentle in your tackle box!

    Did you miss church again this morning? LOL JUST MESSING AROUND

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    There are some strange people out there thats for sure!! Now you have to get your windows replaced,probably raise your insurance up a bit which is something I wouldn't care for in the least. Oh these people that steal,why can't they go out and work and get things the honest way and leave us alone??? No Morals it's terrible!:sad2: