Descent urban lake to catch some cats tonight

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARIZONA TALK' started by jusbechillin, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. jusbechillin

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    Looking to hit up somewhere local (I live in East Mesa) tonight... Just looking for a descent place to catch a couple cats. Someone recommend Red Mountain (Brown/power I believe). Anyone else have any spots they'd suggest? Just a couple guys looking to get out of the house and catch a few fish... Thanks!
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    Welcome Roy to the BOC! I am not familiar with your options right in the Phoenix area, I am sure some of the local guys who know Phoenix urban lakes will input some options. Have you checked Arizona Game and Fish website, check the weekly fish report, will give the haps on local lakes. Good Luck!

  3. RandallRandazzle

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    At least in the central and west valley the G&F urban lake scene is tough, there is generally way too much pressure from pond campers. I have had the best results in urban locations that are not part of the G&F urban lakes program. There are also some real productive holes upstream of Tempe Town Lake.
  4. SilencedMajority

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    White Mtns, AZ
    If you are in East Mesa already, I definitely recommend Red Mountain Park for urban channel cats.

    Near the Northeast corner of the lake there is a raised "dock" sort of thing. Many people have a lot of success on the shore just south of the "dock" where there are some paver stones on the ground. In the water there is a inlet grate, and many people will cast just 10 feet from shore and have good luck. However, this spot is often taken first.

    I also have luck casting deep into the middle of the lake from the grassy bank just up from the "dock".

    Try Hog Wild Dip Bait, chicken livers, raw shrimp, or cut sunfish if you can catch any there. Have fun.
  5. GwillE

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    i have really good luck at tempe town lake on the north east dam area if you can sneak a pole behind the damn its even BETTER!
  6. luv4catfishing

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    queen creek,arizona
    i fish at red mountain every now and then and iv caught some channels out there think the bigggest one i got was around 30in. i used chicken liver. i fished of of the stned area next to the handicapt dock by the playgroun. i casted about 30ft into the water.