Des Moines River 5-27

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    I went down to our cabin for the first time this weekend, been a busy year, and high water. We are on the Des Moines River about 3 miles up stream from Keosauqua.

    My Dad, Brother and I fished Sunday morning for about 2 hours. We caught 5 keepers (1 ½- 3#) and a few dinks. We used Sonny’s Super Sticky Blood Bait, and the fish preferred chartreuse worms. If it hadn’t been for all the pleasure boats and PWC’s I would still be out fishing. Water temp was around 65 deg.

    There where a lot of blank lines in, with fish on them. I’ll start flathead fishing next weekend when the crowd dies down.

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    South East Iowa
    It's hard to beat a Sunday afternoon on the river. My wife and I spent a few hours on the Skunk at Okland Mills. We caught several channel cat using Sonny's but none with any size to them. My wife did have a goos size cat on the line but lost is close to the bank. Silly thing just seemed to spit the hook out.