Dept of wildlife meeting - part 2

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    6. add the area purchased with legacy money to Department fishing areas. Just administrative paper shuffling.

    7. Reduce size limits of fish in certain impoundments. walleye in Altus-lugert, bass in Lake Arcadia and establish 20" limit on rainbow trout in new legacy area.
    Good thinking. They needed stuff like this.

    8. Add creel limits to new trout area and increase creel limit on black bass from 2 to 6 on Lake Arcadia. The joke was this would allow the city of edmond to now hold bass tournaments, increasing their revenue.

    9. Changed the definition of a "bow fishing arrow". Made sense.

    10. Allow use of gaff hooks to land paddlefish when bow fishing. ONLY to be used if bow fishing.

    11. Prohibit overnight camping on newly acquired legacy land, Change hunting season on ODWC lands from Sept1 through Spring Turkey Hunt, and to move the hunting regulations to the fishing regulation section of the State rules the dept operates under. This does not mean not putting the rules into the phamplets distributed to the huners/fisherman, but to the actual book of regulations maintained by the department.

    12. Adding new legacy area to waters designated as "trout waters". Just more bookkeeping in my opinion.

    13. Charging commercial mussel fisherman more for the mussels they take from Oklahoma waters. Good idea.