Denison Dam

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    Any of you have been fishing below Denison Dam for Stripers? I have never been there before but was looking forward to go fishing for stripers sometime soon maybe next weekend..

    I heard its very shallow when there's no generators? And some people said they were using the waders and flying for Stripers, so I am thinking about use the float tube down the river.. Is it bad idea and dangerous to use float tube there?

    Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. clay_sosu

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    Right now they're putting 30,000 cubic feet/second through the flood gates as well as generating thru both turbines so a float tube may be a one way ticket to Louisiana. With that much water I like to find an eddy and fish with a piece of cut bait with no weight and just cast to the current then let it swirl around in the eddy. This works for both cats and stripers. i caught a 35 lb blue last year using that same tactic along with hundreds of stripers. Also don't ware yourself out trying to get bait. Typically there will be hundreds of small drum washed up on the bank that are stunned from coming through the gates and can just be picked up and they make great cut bait or can be fished whole. The tricky part about denison dam is not usually catching fish, it's finding a place where there aren't people shoulder to shoulder so you can get a line in the water. Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions. These are my home waters so I may be able to help!

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    Never hit up the dam, but have had good luck at Texoma been awhile though. A little bit of everything in that lake.
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    i am going to the dam in the morning. if anyone has been there in last few days, are you catching anything worth driving up there for?
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    When the floodgates are open, fishing the enormous eddy just under the gates (OK side) with a red and white jig is usually fruitful. If that's too crowded, move down about 100 yards & throw a slab directly into the main channel & reel quickly while jerking it..... that's usually good for a fish pretty much every cast. When you get sick of those 2 techniques, go down to where it smooths out by where the sandy part starts & lob a big shad out & wait. Word of warning though: this used to be one of the most crowded spots, with lots of asians who just couldn't wait to throw a line over yours, to try to get you to move. When you get sick of all that, go down to the hwy 75 bridge and throw a chug bug, that'll produce a striper nearly every cast as well. If you wanna catch a few good cats, I used to go to the TX side of the hwy 75 bridge & hike east, and just drop a shad in one of the deep eddies right along the bank, or cast one out into the channel and wait on it.

    I haven't fished down there this year, but I spent several summers living on the lake and fishing below the dam daily. My hands usually stayed raw from catching fish in that river.