Delta Cat Fishin' Spots Near Tracy or Brentwood?

Discussion in 'LOCAL CALIFORNIA TALK' started by RobotCatfish, Jul 11, 2007.

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    Hiya Everyone,

    First post here at Quite a site y'all have here. Tons of useful information and friendly people. I even made my first (and second) punch bait the other night based on a recipie I saw on here - I'll let y'all know how they work and post the recipie if it kills 'em :wink:.

    Anyhow, I'm takin' my dad out fishin this Saturday - Location is still being determined. Can anyone chime in and give some suggestions on where to go? We are from the San Jose area of the Bay Area and usually fish the Delta out of Brentwood. We have a lil 12' aluminum and usually launch out of Orwood or Holland. I once launched out of Sugar Barge (Frank's Tract). Needless to say, launching out of there was a mistake for a lil 10HP engine. Seems like it took us forever just to get to a decent fishin' spot. Ok, so the thing is, I'm not quite set on the Delta - The summer months bring some crazy boaters, skiiers, etc... out on the water. Not the optimal conditions to do some catfishin.

    I haven't tried out of Tracy, but I'm definately open to it. Like I said, I'm not set on the Delta, but since we want to take the Alumium out, and we don't really want to go to Del Valle, Chesbro, Calero, Coyote, Uvas, Anderson, Lexington or any of the smaller local lakes - either mercury contaminated or only allow electric powered boats. Any other place besides the Delta with launching facilities within a 1-2 hour drive from San Jose?

    Just as a side report... Caught some channels at Del Valle from the shore 2 weeks ago with the wife n kids. Several fish up to 7# to the left of the marina. Couple weeks prior channels up to 13# near the dam. Bite was on crawlers with a squirt of garlic attractant. Chesbro night fishing last week with my son produced fish to 11# off cheese and blood punch bait (walmart - catfish dynamite). Fished near the dam, but prepare for a lil walk as the water level is fairly low.
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    Hi Robert, welcome to the BOC. Sorry I cannot help ya; I live in southern California, Los Angeles county. Had a chance to fish the Delta on a houseboat!


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    Welcome Robert to the BOC. Make yourself at home here. I fished Tracy area a lot a few years back. The San Joaquin right there at Manteca has a small boat ramp. It is only a day launch though. good spots there. Lloyd (Hopnburly) knows the area well too. There is Tiki Lagoon right out of Tracy. Hope this helps.
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    If you are familiar with Del Valle, i would bring your boat out there and swing on over to the dam. It's a good 30 min ride on the 10mph lake, but you can catch some monsters out there in the deep areas. I have done some drift fishing out in the Heron Bay section with great luck. You'll even have the opportunity to pull in some keeper stripers as well.