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great river for eater size catfish! even better river for other fish such as smallmouth, panfish, carp, walleye, stripers, shad, eel, and trout. at least up north. cant forget about musikies, northen pike and crappies thrown in the mix. i fish about 5 miles north of easton and where the lehigh river dumps into the delaware, the main bait is hilgremites for channels and many of the other fish. liver works decent. and for monster catfish hit the deepholes where feeder creeks enter the river with live trout, creek chubs or other simular sized baitfish and nail the big ones. if anyone is in my area i would love to show you a good time!

just the other day i caught 9 nice size smallmouth, 6 good size bluegills and sunnies on a spinner that looked like a small shad. also caugh a nice 20 inch catfish on a chunk of bluegill.

personal best channel catfish is a 27 inch 8 pounder caught in july this year. would love to hear anyone else who fishs the delaware or you can goto the newjersey fuarm they have a delaware river thing there 2
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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