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Don't leave me here all by my lonesome. Lets get to talkin in here! :grin-big:
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Ill talk to you George ... I dont bite ... lol

i havent fished the Delaware ... but my dad and my uncles used to fish for eels in a town called Equinoc ... (i think) thats how its spelled ... but that was years ago

any how ... most of the fishing I do is Pond or bank fishing ... thou i got my largest channel in a fram pond on July the 9th this year .... the one in my profile pic ....

My nephew caught one on the 26th of July but his was weird looking .... it had black spots all over it ... it looked like it rolled around in ink .... they were not mud patches .... it was actuall spots .... do you know what this might have been ... is it something we should not eat ... i skinned him out and put him in the freezer .... but i have never seen anything like it in all the years I have been fishing ... the fish was caught in a farm pond ... he seemed healthy ... by this i mean he was 6.1 lbs 25 inches long .... maybe some one out there knows what these spots were ...

thanks for the help

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Not bein a country boy I would have to ask the question. Does the pond have things like fertilizer and what not washin in to it. I know that up here there are consumption warnings about the fish caught in the various bodys of water.
there are no feilds that have run off into the pond George ...

I dont have a picture of the fish to show you a closer look

like i said i have never seen this before ... but he looked healthy
for all purposes .... it was kinda like he landed in a well of ink
and he had a good time wallowing around in it ... it wasnt a
couple of spots he was plastered with spots .... the meat dont
look any different than normal ... but it got me thinking what could
it be ?

I thoguht maybe that he might be picking up a color of the dirt
or gravel in the pond .... i dint ask the farmer what kind it had in
the bottom ... but this pond is regualry fished by local people and
the farmers family of course .... it just puzzled me i geuss

thanks for the help

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hey its fish4life,i havnt got out catfishing for about a month now! i have to try to get out soon, last time out i caught a personal best with a 27 incher that was skinny and only went about 8 pounds, ive been up smallmouth fishing and thats been great, tried carp fishing today and that wasnt good at all. actualy today nothing was biteing so maybe some time this weekend ill be able to go up for a night on the river,
Many August Nights on The Delaware if you listen very carefully you can actually hear Big George a singin of in the distance...

I'm so lonesome I could cry...

If you ask me, I think he's trying to serenade one of them she devil Channell's!
Sides The Big Guy has he and himself to deal with! LOL
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Thats actually me sittin on the bank HOWLIN in sadness! LOL! Can't find a soul to go out on the boat. :sad: I'm a catfisherman trapped in NEW JOISY! :sad:
caught a nice cat tonight in a weird way. the sun was just going down and after a few hours of great smallmouth and panfish fishing i had about 10 mins to try for a catfish so i cut up a gill that i caught earlier, cats out and started waiting a few mins. there was a hatch of mayflies and i could see a bass taking them then swim around and take some more so i decided to take my chuck of gill and cast over there and jig it like a lure, i took of all the weight and let let it sink slowly then i had a tap and i went hook it and missed it so i started to reel in when this big bass came up from behind a slamed the gill but to my surprise it was a nice 5 pound catfish when i caught it close enough to see.
i think im gonna go try to get some cats tonight if i can. anyone know how there biting?
Was out this past Monday. Only managed 4 fish! OUCH! Threw eels,mackeral and gills at em. They just were not interested. LOL!
Sooooooooo thats the strange noise i been hearing out on the water late at night.Down right scared me a few times.....LOL
Haven't been doin much cattin but been doin real well with smallies.
Haven't seen a stripper in a week now,but tried trolling fer em out around Bordentown,gave it a good 2-21/2 hours with no luck.
Water temp was still in the high 70's,hopefully that hurricane will biring a cool front or 2 with it at least dump some rain to cool thew water down some.

Man thats ashame what happened to them folks out in missouri and new orleans,i feel pretty bad for them folks down there.That was a big big hurricane that tore threw there.
did you guys hear about the pollution spill up my way just north of easton? well i guess the ppl power plant had a problem and it was dumping sludge into the river! this was in the set of river that i fish in! but they have the sludge going down over 25 miles now. well in this sludge is lead, mercury, and aresnic so i would not be eating any fish or swimming in the delaware for some time now! its a shame what happened but aperently there have been no fish kills yet and i can say the same thing because while a set of people were cleaning up sludge on the beach it came from i was fishing about 15 yards away and catching a bunch of smallies. there was a big school of shad in the area and the smallies were gorging themselves where i was, when i was catching them i could see the baby shad in the mouths that there stomach was so full. i caught over 25 smallies off that beach with the biggest being about 17 inchs. the trick was using a small spinner or spoon that look like the shad and casting where the current met the slack water. bam nailed 4 nice smallies on my 1st drift on the 25 yard beach. i was in a kayack with an ultra lite so i did take a minute or 2 to land a fish so you can tell the bite was hot! im going up all weekend and trying some catfishing and more smallmouth. ill try to get a link to that story with the sludge
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Do you know the name of the plant?
I'm guessing its up river from trenton.
I never caught a smallmouth until this summer and for the past month I've been hammerin them!
They're feeding on the same baitfish that are workin their way down river.Caught a bunch of small ones and a few 3 1/2 pounders that were 19-21 inches.
The river has been really clear this past week and is somethin else to see em get a run and lunge and start floppin and twistin about 3 feet out of the water!
Really hope this spill doesn't mess up the fishin none,I'm still getting stripers,my first case of smallmouth fever!,and even got a few walleye a couple months ago!
Has been a real good summer for me so far.
yea its a ppl power plant. its about 40 miles of river north of trenton. yes this has been a very good year for all the fish! had my personal best catfish, smallmouth, carp, eel, pumpkin seed sunnie, striper,rock bass, and walleye out of there this year! great year for fishing for sure. the small baitfish coming down the river is the baby shad. cant wait ill wanna get out for some cats this weekend.
I thought they were baby shad and herring also but now i ain't so sure.
They don't seem to be going no where.they are just stacked up in the same spots for about 3 weeks now.
Whatever they are i know where they are and they are holding mnay sportfish in there with em!

The water is still pretty clear down here,just a bit stained with some algae/moss floating down.Can still see about 4-5 feet deep.
thats good. outside of the sludge main flow you cold see about 5 feet down but all u saw was a layer of sludge on the bottom. normaly in low water like we had this summer we can see 12 feet or so you can see the difference there. in the channel where it was cloudy with sludge you could se about 6 inchs, no fish kills yet and hopefully going up there tommorow.
went up yesterday, its still a mess, clean up crew been working around the clock, people taking samples, shcoking fish for tests all kinds of activity. smallmouth bite is still hot. the people collecting fish couldnt shock enough big smallmouths so i caught a nice 15 inche one for them. alot of small stripers around, a few large mouth. then at night i casted out some chicken liver caught one small cat right away then only small stripers, river chubs, and other little fish were pecking at it but i couldnt hook them then i got a decent river chub which i cut up. casted that out and a few minutes later i feel asleep, when i woke up this mourning i had one pole with a nice 10 pounder that was about 27 inchs my personal best and the other pole had a small 15 incher. dang only if i could have stayed awake and caught a few more nice ones. cut bait deffinitly works beats liver any day. gonna try to get out this weekend to. hows everyone else doing?
They was down here netting them last weekend,trying to get a shad count.They do it about three times a year.They was telling me they seen big stripers upriver well over 20 inches.
gonna get out there tonight and try for some walleye and if the tide is right(which i dun think it is) some stripers.Got 2 stripers wednesday and seen 3 smallies and a walleye caught.
Haven't been out as much as i like this past week,too much going on and the price of gas has been keepin me off the water.
Well its near the end of the summer. Ain't had no rain in a good while and the salt line is pushin its way up the river. I know some of yas won't beleive this but the river and creeks are filthy with little snapper blues. LOL! The Mrs. and I have been havein some fun with them. It kinda kills the cat fishin for a while but they will be gone soon. Those little terds can flat tear a piece of cut bait off a hook faster than you can say your name. LOL! This past sunday we just could'nt escape the little toothy rats! LOL!
The rivers prettyy clear up here can see a good 8-10 feet deep easily.Am hopeing for a good inch of rain from Opheila to dirty the water up some and get back to cattin.
A good inch of rain will wake them channels up!

Them lil snappers on a whole lotta fun on light tackle!
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