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    Dekuzi = Boheme for thanks.

    I posted some lines about the fire we had in our small town on Sunday and Monday. 22 fire companies, 56 vehicles, 255 men. 32 hours to put out. Two states involved, millions in damage.

    If you have read me you know I have a personality that can be grating. Anti- authoritarian, acid tongue, sarcastic humor, a general all around plick. I have other sides and personalities. Two of those you never want to meet. I have one personality you rarely see. That is the one talking to this forum now.

    Those of you who read that post and especially those of you who commented I would sincerely like to thank you. So many things on here, so many things going by so quickly, so many things of interest to some of us and not all of us. A lot to digest and absorb. Anytime someone takes the time to honestly comment to a post it is a big deal to the person who authored it. It was a big deal to me. A fire, loss of goods and services, lives changed, a town beat down. A description by me to you of a little of what happened.

    Your comments were sincere, genuine and heartfelt. I didn't see any words just to get a post to get to the next Boy Scout Badge. You said what you said and meant what you said. Kind of like I talk to you anytime I make a comment on this forum.

    So, copy and paste this thread before the server pukes again. Keep it for reference just to prove I ain't such a bad guy.

    Thank you again.

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    See everybody, John can be sincere. Dont listen to what they say Beetle. ur a goody guy whether u like to admit or not. Hell a guy who drinks beer before noon is a good guy irrregardless of what front he puts up to disguise himself!!!!! I bet u add something to that coffee as well dont u?? But seriously, keep ur head up & hopefully yall will get the help u need to rebuild, cuz there are too many small towns in America just wilting away, and i think we should do whatever we can to keep that small town feel around as long as we can. I live in a town of 3000, and I wouldnt change it for nothing, afterall there's nothing like mom & pop stores where everybody knows u from a kid! That's why i drive an hour to work instead of moving to the city!!!

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    John, I caught the news this morning. They were showing images from the aftermath of the fire. Your pics were good ones. They [the paprazzi] showed a buch of pics, and some video, and it really reflected the magnitude of the fire, and the ice, and the general mess things are in. I hope everybody recovers from their losses. A sobering experience eh? So, is Nancy out of a job?

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    john, havent watched the news for days. hadnt heard anything about it and missed your post. my toughts and prayers go out to your area and everyone impacted. sounds like one heck of a bad deal to have been in with all the folks and equiptment involved. this is the things that bring out the best in folks and everyone pulls togather to help out there fellow neighbors. good luck and god bless all those swept up in that mess. ill have to look into it.
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    i'm with jermy on this .
    i too just now am learning of this.
    i'm sorry i hadn't seen it earlier , i guess i need to look for your
    other post to see what you are referring to .
    sorry for your neighbors , and hope you came out unscathed .
    dang man with all your personalities you say you have we need to call you SYBIL :crazy: . J/K hope the redtail faired well .
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    North Caro
    Prosim At least I think that is what I wanna say.

    Great balls of dung! It's gone! Yea!! I like ya better without the bug/pooball :big_smile:
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    Matt, two of those stores are ones Nancy cleaned. She will be ok. She has enough work to keep her busy. Has jobs she has turned down because of her schedule.

    She prefers the private jobs anyhow. She gets along well with folks. Has a number of "driving Miss Daisy" clients and she really enjoys that.

    Thanks for asking. John.
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    F L A Swamps
    Well I along with others it seems didn't get to read the orginal post so we have no idea what is happening.
    Fires of that magnitude in towns are never good news.
    These types of fires are called conflagerations in the fire service.
    The only good that can come from it is the fact that after something like this happens you see friends and neighbors working togeather in groups, towns and counties and even states working togeather to clean up the aftermath of the fire. Everyday common folk ,the businessman, the doctors, lawyers, and women folk rolling up their sleeves with sweat on their brow and the look of determination on there faces and with grit they work to clear and clean the town block by block helping each other physically and mentaly work through the desaster that has happened among them yet somehow with time and work towns are rebuilt most even better than before.
    Fire is a consumer it takes away everything, lives and property not to mention the hopes and dreams and the confidence that all is well.
    I have seen and experienced these things in my life time and no one who knows will say that its and easy thing to overcome because its not you just have to pick yourself up each morning lace on the work boots and work at it all day long everyday and eventually you will see the light of the day, Never ever give up!
    As an hurricane Ivian survivor the wife and I lost everything, home,belongings,everything, and guess what I was doing while Ivan raged and ran amuck, I worked at the Fire station, before during and after knowing that our home and all of our belongings were distroyed.
    Hurricane Ivan hit Pensacola on September the 16 th 2004 and on October the 5th 2004 I left the Fireservice for the last time,homeless looking for a rental house to live in which was next to impossible to find at that time but as luck would hve it we found one and moved in with no furniture, no cloths no nothing except what we carried out in suite cases along with our two dogs and while we were there the land lord was trying to evict us because he was offered a large some of money for the house and could not sell as long as we were tenants, I finally had to hire a lawyer to keep him from harassing us so we would leave.
    The irony of the whole thing was that I had some rentals at that time and all of them received damages from the hurricane. I wound up working with 9 diffrent inurance companies with hurricane related damages for months on end.
    Two times before our home was flooded by hurricane Opel and hurricane George and it took months both times to put our house back into liviable conditions while all the time fighting tooth and nail with the insurance companies just to try and recooperate some of our losses and living in our moterhome for months.So I can feel for you and all of the others who are going though trying times.
    You just have to continue on day by day week after week month after month and things will get better and slowly things will get back to normal.

    John , If I can be of any service to you or your towns people please let me know what I can do to help and I am sure that most of your BOC family feels the same as I do whether it is donations of clothing ,money, or just moral support. please feel free to ask.
    I will be in and out of here so it may take a couple of days before I get back wth you.

    Waiting for futher news.

    John Calhoun
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    John i too missed your post. If there is anything i can do let me know. Where i live when something like this happens the community gets together and sets up a donation center. Its usually the local fire house. If they have done that and have a address please let us know. Im going to go find you original post.

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    Thanks again for your thoughts. It is a good community, even though it has one of the highest welfare rates in Iowa. We got people moving here from out of state because it is so good.

    The usual good bunch, i.e. those people you never hear about and are the first to volunteer have done their unasked for jobs again. A small rural town that doesn't ask what I will get out of it. They just do it. I am sure you know these kinds of people from where you are at.

    Things will be fine. John.
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    I remember the thread,and I remember posting in
    it.I don't remember what I posted.
    I felt bad for you and your community.
    I hope every thing works out OK for you all my friend.
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    I did not respond to you original Biggin and a Baddin post though I did start to. Those that did said all that could be said and anything I put down just seemed to repeat their words.
    I did however think long and hard about your situation and that of your little town, friends and neighbors for a long time. The loss, the devastation, the upheaval to lives and livings was very sobering to say the least. I have had a little experience with fire and what always got to me after the event was the smell. I could smell that smell as I looked at your pictures. Sheridan (where I live) is a very small place that pretty much revolves around mainstreet. I imagined the scenes you captured in mainsteet Sheridan and thought there but the grace of God...
    We none of us are exempt from life's set backs and disasters and each of them is as tragic as any other in it's own way. It's a fine line we all walk every day.
    I can only resort to repetition and wish that your town and everyone affected can recover and have a better rest of '08 than it began...W
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    I guess I ws one of the lucky one who got to read your Original Post and look at the pictures. That s something I never want to go through.
    Ican't reallly say anymore than whats allready been said. Just Hang In There Buddy things will get better. Don't really think it could get much worse. GOD BLESS