deerpoint lake

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  1. bigmaac73

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    Lenoir City, TN
    Can anyone tell me if there is any good cattin in deerpoint lake by panama city. If so, could you point me in some kind of direction as to where and what to use. Thanks, justin.
  2. bad apple

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    try some sonnies dip bait with a zipper worm....

  3. MSgtCatfish

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    There is a ton of hydrila beds all in that lake. I haven't been there in a few years so unless they have killed some of it off (I doubt it because of the bass in there) it'll be fun getting all that mess off your line after every reel in. I know they had a pretty healthy population of bullcats and channel cats back when I used to fish over there. Fish around the deeper holes around the dam and holes off of the channel. I'd use some crappie minnows, livers, or some other type of stink bait.

    It also has some killer sunfish fishing, something to do while you are waiting on the cats to bite!

    Or, take a ride due east and hit the Appalachicola River for some blues or flatheads - that's where I'd go if you got a boat!