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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Scott Daw, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    We've all seen the ads for uv killer clothing treatment. Looks like it works if your hunting under a black light but does the deer really see in the uv spectrum? Does anyone use this product & have you noticed a difference? I hunt from the ground and am always looking for an edge. I had a gift card for cabelas and while I was there, I picked up a bottle to try. Was wondering if I wasted the credit I coulda used for some more code blue. I cant say my camo is bad because I had 3 doe and one hunter from 13-20 yards of me & they didnt even know I was there. The hunter eventually spotted my orange back tag and apologize as he left.

    p.s. if it werent for a picker bush I'd have filled a tag.
  2. zeboman

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    I use it , I don`t know if it works or not.

  3. DIESELkat

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    According to the companies that sell the stuff, untreated clothes basically look neon blue to a deer. Treated clothes look basically brown. Im not sure about you but i've been out with UNtreated clothes and had deer come within a few feet and didnt notice me. This being said i still do use the stuff, got a couple bottles for free so why not.

    I still think that they key in on movement more than UV.
  4. Txbluecatman

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    I don't use it and have had deer and hogs walk out or by me from 3 yards to 20 yards. I think the key is to play the wind and watch your movement.
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    I think it is a bunch of bull. It is a fact that deer see in mostly black, gray, and white. Of course, there are different shades of each of these colors, but what deer pick out the most is your pattern. You can't look like a solid object, or let them be able to pick out your outline. If you think about it, it makes sense. Why would they make orange camo if deer were able to see your color, you mostly need to have a broken-up pattern. I know a guy who wears a plad flannel button-up to hunt in, and has success. I'm confident that white really sticks out to deer for a couple of reasons. One, because there isn't really anything in the woods that is white, and two, one use of a deer's white tail is to get the attention of the rest of the herd, so surely, deer can spot white easier than darker colors. Just avoid wearing white. Even though it may not be as necessary to get the exact colors of your camo correct, I still do because it make me feel more hidden, just in case the deer can tell the difference in the shade of my camo. I believe that deer rely more on their smell and hearing, than their sight. This is probably true since deer can mostly see in black and white. These are just some of my thoughts; take it or leave it. Good luck!
  6. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    I agree with all the above.

    I use it.
    Have no idea if it works.
    Have no idea if deer can see UV.
    I think movement & smell are the big killers.
    I hunt the wind.
    I have lots of camo, but it's the breakup of pattern that matters.
    I wish MO would allow camo orange, for now I just "accidentally" get dirt spilled and rubbed onto it. LOL
  7. dieselcat

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    Not sure if deer can see the uv or not but i did check my clothing and few items did glow in a black light and after useing the uv killer detergent they nolonger glowed in the blacklight.
  8. whisker maniac

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    I think it is a bunch of bull. I have never used the stuff and have had buck walk right up on me and never see me while I was on the ground scouting with my bow.

    Two years ago I played cat and mouse with a six pt that never seen me until I waved my arms at him to scare him off and he still didn't see me enough to know what I was. He just went on alert and kept staring at me until I waved my arms and spoke to him to tell him to get out. He then ran about fifty yards and started blowing at me cause he still couldn't figure me out. So I blew back at him and he back at me. Then I grunted at him and he stopped blowing and just stared. Then I blew back at him and he at me. I did this for about ten minutes and he never left until I did.

    It is definatly all about playing the wind and your movement and scent control.
  9. 223reload

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    I don't use alot of the gimiks advertised these days,i used to wear brown duck bibs and a coat ,before camo was easy to get. i just hunt the wind and move slow.
  10. bnorth

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    Deer see color differently than we do. I believe that they can see UV color, in fact alot of animals can see the UV spectrum, that's been proven science in areas other than those pertaining to hunting.

    Normal laundry soap contains UV brighteners. Humans can see just enough of the UV spectrum to make it look like the colors of our clothing are more vivid when washed with normal laundry detergent. However very very few of us use normal laundry detergent to wash our hunting clothes. We use commercial hunting soaps, baking soda, or whatever else to wash with. All of which do not contain brighteners.

    I have done the blacklight test on a tshirt washed with normal detergent with UV brighteners (it said on the bottle "for brighter more vivid colors"). It glowed like a light bulb. I sprayed the area with the UV Killer and it did dull the brightness considerably where I sprayed. I also checked my camo but it didn't glow when I had the light on, but I've never wash them in regular detergent either. Just my experience with the stuff.

    As for hunter orange, it is seen by deer as gray. The same with red (as in red plaid shirts). Blue and white are in the visible spectrum to deer, red and orange are at the opposite end where they are less sensitive.

    University of Nebraska research article:
  11. dieselcat

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    Washington, Mis
  12. Kip Brandel

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    Glasgow, Kentuc
    I have always used a UV and smell wash, Wal Mart sells one for about $5 a bottle and you get a bunch of washes out of it. I believe it all depends on the areas you are hunting just like Deer Cane or any of the attractants.
    If they are used to something it doesn't matter if it is there or not. I have been at my uncles and watched the neighbor shoot a NICE 8 point with his pistol at about 10ft while working on his running tractor in the field. The deer in that area are used to the sight and smell of a tractor and one of the best cover scents you could use is Diesel fuel.
  13. billNpam

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    Well I believe in using UV killer.You might say I am a fanatic about it. I wash all my hunting clothes with UV killer/sportwash then place them all in sealed containers and will not dress untilI get to the field. After dressing I will then spray again with uv/killer slash odor eliminator. I think I have killed more deer since doing so. But more then that it gives me more confidence thinking the deer can't see me as well. Just a mental thing