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We may be adding some items for Deer hunting and its some of the best on the market. Comes in a gallon jug its a dry product you drop in a few rocks and pond water or rain water no city water. Heats up and releases vapors man its something. Only issue with it is deer will turn the ground into a deep pit in less then a year.
Being that it's a dry product shipping is right also. I started one and within a week it looked as 50 deer had been walking through that place. Added the new gallon yesterday (Its only been there for 4 months and is working great.) Draws deer for miles to it. I have tried a lot of products for Deer licks and such but this one works.. For anyone that got to use the first deer cocaine that came out years ago. Its better then that stuff was. Has only 1% salt in it not like others where salt makes up 60% to 95% of the product.
Should have stuff worked out by last next week if this goes through.Its been in the works for months. Could have had it then also but would not sell it until I seen how it worked my self.
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