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    man i love the taste of deer. i dont know why, but id rather have deer anyday over beef, so with my hunting ability kind of sucks. so what meat i do bring home is gaurded and precious. i have several roasts left over, but i like to use those for the crock pot. but i do have quite a bit of ground meat. i was wondering if anyone had any recipes or ideas of how to make jerky out of ground meat. i have one of those guns, and i dont like to get too complicated with my recipes. but some jerky sure makes some good fishin snacks.
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    1 lb. ground venison (the less fat the better)
    2 tsp. salt
    1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper
    1/4 tsp. white pepper
    1/2 tsp. garlic powder
    1 tsp. dry mustard
    2 Tbsp. brown sugar
    3 tsp. liquid smoke
    2 tsp. cure (optional)
    Combine ground venison and all spices. Mix VERY THOROUGHLY. Roll mixture out between 2 sheets of plastic wrap or wax paper until it is about 1/8 inch thick. Use a butter knife and cut meat into 1 inch wide strips 4-6 inches long.

    Place strips on a rack or broiling pan (something that can drain) and dry in the oven at 150 degrees for about 10 hours, turning after the first 2 hours.
    Prop the oven door open about 3 inches with an oven mitt to promote better circulation and drying. Periodically blot the jerky strips with a paper towel if beads of grease appear.

    Test the jerky after 8 hours or so by taking a piece out of the oven and letting it cool. Take a bite and test for texture. It should be good and chewey, not mushy, not brittle.

    If you are using a dehydrator, set to 140 degrees F; it should take about 6-8 hours
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    I make my jerky in a dehydrator, here is my simple recipe.
    1 1/2-2 pounds ground deer burger
    1/3 cup worchestershire sauce
    1/3 cup soy sauce
    2 tsp liquid smoke
    2 tbsp coarse ground black pepper
    3 tbsp salt, I use the morton lite salt or you can use tender quick
    You can add a couple tablespoons of garlic powder if you like.

    Just put your meat in a big mixing bowl, pour all the ingredients in, and mix thoroughly with your hands. I mix mine until all the liquid is evenly distributed and all meat thoroughly coated. load meat into your gun and shoot into dehydrator. If doing this in the oven, I would use alum foil on the oven racks or cookie sheets. Remember low slow heat, you are curing not cooking. I usually go 200 degrees for six hours or so, depends on how you like your jerky. You can add more pepper, or use cayanne pepper if you like hotter, we sometimes substitute teriyaki for the soy sauce. Just depends on your taste. The salt is the important thing as this is your curing agent. Boog

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    i had had a thread here a while ago with these guns but i think it was removed after time.

    i do mine very simmiler to boogan1. only in the oven.

    3# OF GROUND.
    1/2 cup soy sauce.
    1/8 cup wors,
    2 spoons liquid smoke
    1 spoon garlic powder
    2 spoons tender quick cure salt
    and 2 spoons pepper. i use powdered habenaro or jalepeno but for less heat use balck.

    mix it all up good and refridgerate overnight to let the tender quick do its thing. place in the jerky gun and squirt out 6" strips on the racks. pre heat oven to 200 degrees and place rack on top. crack door open about 1 1/2" i use a metal spatula to hold door open. turn every 30 min. pat with a towel to remove access moisture. mine usually takes 2 hrs but will vary as my stove is elect, and its the eaters preference how dry they like it. store in fridge.

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    i just got a button buck that was hit by an automobile on tuesday.

    in illinois the law only requires any citizen that wishes to clame a deer that was killed by an automobile to keep the date location and sex of deer on hand for any law enforcement officer to check untill all parts are consumed. there are no limits on how many can be possessed in this manner. it is not required to be reported unless taking to a taxidermist or a locker.

    now that the legal aspects are out of the way, it was not there and 20 min later we came back through and it was. it was. if the person involved doesn't clame it before leaving the scene any illinois citizen may claim and possess the deer. i took it home and processed it. it was only about 90# or so. any ways i ended up with 16# ground 4 packs chops and the catfish loins. all the hind quarters im making sliced jerky. there is probably 15# or better. gonna be a bunch. ill post some pics here in a couple days with the recipe.

    that makes the second i took by collision. a doe was hit by a women during the frist couple weeks of season and she did not want it.
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    recipes never amounted to anything but the same old thing.

    Take your commercial jerky packs then add whatever, especially for Ground meat. We usually make around 200 lbs of jerky a year and go through at least 5 lbs a day at work. I find it is good to invest in hot sauces not your everyday ones but one like Da Bomb, Satans Blood, Smack my ass and call me Sally Chets Gone Mad, mix any of them in in different amounts and dont forget your Dales or Wilsons Best have fun with it. I havent seen any variation of jerky that lasts very long.

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    here is the big old batch i made the other day. the first pic is my shop fridge full of a button buck that was found freshly struck by an automobile.

    second is marinade

    thrid is cooking.

    took soy sauce
    wors sauce.
    cure salt.
    brown sugar.
    steak sauce.
    garlic powder & onion
    juicy pig TSS seasoning inth small bowl reg,
    and a bunch of cajun pequin TSS seasoning in the green bowl. hot.
    refridgerated over night and cooked on my racks at 200 for a few hours with the oven open about 1"
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    I will have to agree with bowtech........ I grind 5 or 10 lbs for a batch, add a few commercial packs, these vary, then add onion salt, garlic salt, terriakki(SP?), a little dale's or any type of seasoning. then I'll add a little extra on the hot stuff. Shoot it thick out of a jerkey gun onto trays. Give it 5 or 6 hours at 180 Deg. Then your are set to munch out for what ever outdoor activity or indoor activity! I ground a coon and jerked him last weekend, and would bet 99.9% of the human race would say it was delecious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool:
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    deer jerky is prbably my first choice of snack food anyday. ive never tried ground jerky myself, but i hear good things. there are bunches of recipes on the site, might take a lil time to find them but theyll be well worth it. just my two cents
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    Spicy Jerky

    Cut Habanero peppers in ¼’s and dry in dehydrator over night. Grind up the peppers into a fine powder. Put in a baggie and get all the air out and crush with a large spoon.

    This is set up for 2 lbs of meat and you will use a total of 1 cup of COLD water for a 2 lb batch of jerky. Take ¼ cup of cold water and put it in a small glass and put in 1/8 tsp of ground up Habanero pepper and be sure it all gets wet. Set it aside to soak, you will use it later.

    Put 2 lbs of thawed, ground up lean deer meat in a large bowl

    Add 2 Tablespoons of “HI Mountain” Hickory Jerky Seasoning

    Add 1 Tablespoon of “HI Mountain” Pepper Jerky Seasoning (optional)

    Add a couple large splashes of Hickory Liquid Smoke

    Add 2 Tablespoons of Jerky Cure (light colored packet in the “HI Mountain” box)

    Add the ¼ cup of COLD water with Habanero Pepper and then add the additional ¾ cup COLD water but first dump the water into the glass that had the Habanero Pepper soaking in it so any remaining pepper gets into the jerky.

    Before mixing tear off a piece of cling wrap bigger than the bowl and set it aside, you will need it when you’re done mixing the ingredients together.

    Put on a rubber exam gloves to protect your hands from the pepper and for cleanliness and mix it all together. You should mix it for about 3 to 4 minutes to be sure it is mixed well. When done mixing make a mound in the middle of the bowl and be sure nothing is left clinging to the side of the bowl.

    Take cling wrap and put it over the mound and with the side of your hand push the wrap down between the bowl and the mound of meat trying to make an airtight seal around the mound so it doesn't’t dry out.

    Put in the refrigerator and let set at least a couple hours, over night is better

    Shoot it out on to the trays and dehydrate for around 5 hours depending on your dehydrator’s air flow and heat settings. Do not let jerky touch when put on the trays or it won’t try properly. Best heat is around 145 to 165 and don’t over dry it or it will be cardboard.

    I bring this to work and can’t keep people out of it. It’s nothing to find people in my desk getting a couple sticks. Once you’ve made it a couple times it is simple and quick. I can make it and have it setting in the fridge in about 10 minutes tops.

    I like the Habanero pepper or Bonnet pepper (same thing) as it adds heat but no flavoring, so you get the good hickory flavoring. I shot three deer this year and all were ground up 100% for jerky.
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    I agree, ain't nuthin better than venison jerky; beef jerky is still very good, though. But, venison is often hard to come by, and beef is expensive. Try fish jerky! Yup. Make up your regular marinade, drop in your thin sliced fillets, and leave them overnight before jerking them just like regular jerky.
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    i love deer jerky i usely soak my in small pieces over night or long then i take and grind if for the jerky gun and it seems to turn out good.