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    Smilax, KY
    Do any of you Kentucky brothers know of any land for lease hunting in eastern Kentucky in or around Boyd and Carter county? I'm out of it for this year unless I can come up with somewhere to deer hunt for my brother and me. Need help!
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    Columbus, Ohio
    to be honest i dont know anyone right off hand, but i will keep my ears open for ya....

    most of the farmers around me are fairly easy going people...i would just take a drive one day and ask some land owners if they would let you hunt... you will find a place if you put in enough questions....worse they can do is say no...

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    There are lots of deer just east of morehead in the daniel boone national forest ! go past the rest area and there is an old building on the right of highway a couple good hollows there . I never hunted there but once a long time ago but usually see deer there when going to WV . I think there is a way to access that area on a back road south of the highway . You can order a map of the area and find access .Other than that I won't be able to help you as I hunt West ky Hope this helps and good hunting and there are alot of deer around Cave Run Lake in the DBNF .
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    One of the best places I find to get permission to hunt is on someones land that raises a garden. most of the time they need help with deer control and will gladly let you hunt.
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    Louisville, Kentucky
    I used to hunt a river bottom property along the Ohio River. Miserable tangle of briars, horsetail weed, honeysuckle that made it nearly impossible to drag a deer out. The bright side of the area was that no one else would hunt there and it held large bucks.
    I am a lot older now and will not subject myself to that much punishment.
    I now hunt nusiance deer.
    Check with the local game warden, agriculture agent or state trooper in your area.
    Game Wardens and Agriculture Agents get request from farms that are switching from tobacco to "alternative agriculture crops" and need help with deer control. The State Police may know of landowners in areas that have a high number of deer/car collisions that might welcome hunters.
    I hunt on a number of the estates and alt ag farms in this area.
    You might be suprised at the number and quality of deer inside the I-265 loop.:wink:
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