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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by catoon, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. catoon

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    as yall know im new to deer hunting and was asking for any help on things i need.. i have my camo clothes 2 man ladder stand not much more besides my weapon .any help
  2. CountryHart

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    A good sharp knife don't hurt anything, along with a light, zip lock to spit in if ya dip. Perhaps a camera, snack and a drink. I always carry a few paper towels in my back pocket to clean my hands if i gut something or if mother nature calls. Good luck.

  3. john catfish young

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    I'd lose the Hat.......LOL or find one in camo....LOL Just kiddin. :smile2:
  4. Luke Clayton

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    Rifle or bow, muzzleloader or pistol? You have plenty of time till next year's deer season to become proficient with any of them. Get your shooting iron or bow asap and have lots of fun learning how to shoot. Learn bullet or arrow placement. Plan on what to do with all that venison you are going to harvest... LOTS to do...all of it is fun! Glad to have a new deer hunter onboard..
  5. Grimpuppy

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    Concordia, KS
    A set of rubber gloves makes it a lot nicer when you field dress you deer. The disposable "surgical" ones work nice. Get the thick ones. It's no fun when they rip just putting them on.
  6. Hoopie

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    A nice property to hunt on will make it nice too.
  7. iabowhunter

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    South East Iowa
    Richard, just send me your credit crad number.....make that TWO credit card numbers and I'll order you everything you need. Maybe a couple things for myself too. LOL

    The first things I would buy are a good backpack to carry all your stuff in and a good pair of huntin' boots to carry you in. My first pair of boots cost 200 bucks almost 15 years ago and they are still my go to boots.

    I'm not sure how cold it gets where you are. I wear 2 layers of Polartec long johns (base layer and polar layer) from Cabela's under fleece pants and pull over and then a set of gore-tex rain gear over that. The Polartec will wick away sweat from your body keeping you dry. The fleece has a wind shear liner in it that stops the wind from chilling you out and the gore-tex helps keep the rain out. I found that this keeps me warm, dry and I am still able to move freely. Wish I knew this info 20 years ago.

    The main thing you need is attitude. Harvesting a deer is just a small part of it. Being out their to see mother nature at it's finest is what it's all about brother! Get out there, relax, take it all in, and enjoy. The memories will last a lifetime and you can not buy that. It doesn't hurt to make up some stories and strech the truth along the way either.:smile2:

    Best of luck to you!

    Any questions...just ask. These folks are top notch!
  8. DIESELkat

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    A good set of lightweight binoc's is a must. I use Nikon Travelite IV's and would recommend them. Its always amazing how when your deer hunting, everything looks like a deer, turkey hunting and everything looks like a turkey. Also, if your goin to be hunting from a tree stand, make sure you get a good safety harness too. Hunter Safety Systems make a great one, but its pretty pricey. I still use the one I got with my Summit climber. Most, if not all, new treestands come with some type of harness included with them, but dont count on it,,,make sure its there and USE IT. Also with the tree stand, get a rope or 2 to haul all your gear and gun or bow up once your into your stand. You can either buy them from a sporting goods store or make your own. Most of the ones that come from sporting goods stores are 20 or 30' lengths, which is fine with the height of most ladder stands. And dont forget the little hand warmer packets!!!!
  9. massa_jorge

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    i do a lot of walking so here's what i have every time i'm out-
    a pack
    rain gear
    two kinves + sharpening stone
    lighter, just in case
    vaseline soaked cotton balls in a ziploc bag
    hand sanitizer
    wet wipes- more compact than tp and more uses
    wire for tagging
    camo netting
    light stowable jacket and heavy stowable jacket
    gloves- light insulated and heavy insulated
    first aid kit- gauze 2 ace wraps, rubbing alcohol, iodine, sutures (yes i can stitch) bandaids, benadryl, antihistamines, hydrocortizone cream etc.

    my pack weighs around 30 pounds, and i can carry it for miles. sometimes i fold a 8x10 tarp flat at the bottom of the back. makes a great shelter in a hurry, and the one time i used it it was a lifesaver. i hunt wide open areas and with what i am carrying i can be good for a few days if something bad happens. it has only happened once, but i was well taken care of till i got home. remember the stuff listed by others might not work for you. you hunt a very different place than i do, and might be able to get by with 5-10 pounds of gear. do some brainstorming, make lists, then narrow it down before next deer season! have fun, and be safe!
  10. plainsman

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    Somewhere in here there is a thread about what people carry when they go hunting. Some good ideas in there. Also what you need in the line of clothing depends on whether ya gonna sit in a stand or be moving around.
  11. Snagged2

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    Verde Valley AZ
    Lots of stuff already mentioned,, I always carry a compass, a map of the area, sometimes a GPS. Depends on the area..I mostly hunt mountainous, or high desert terrain..Lots of square miles!! Good Binoculars!!!!!!!
    AS much water as I can manage. At least a several different containers.

    Emergency and first aid. Of course a handful of sharp knives, Wyoming saw, swiss knife w/ saw and locking main blade,, good stuff,,

    Game bags,, and small tarp, I skin and quarter in the field, especially with Elk.

    Lunch, snacks, Like game jerky, fruit, dried fruit, nuts, seeds. raw vegetables,,,
  12. DIESELkat

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    Unless you plan on skinning and quartering in the field, which I doubt, make sure you get a dragging rope as well. Another good investment is picking up some firetacks to mark your route to your treestand unless its at a field edge. Theres nothing worse than sweating to death because you walked an extra 200 yards in circles trying to find your stand in the dark and bumped all the deer in the area. The tacks light up like a LED when you hit em with a flashlight. But be careful, would-be treestand theives love seeing a trail of tacks through the woods. If you hunt land where you think there might be a chance of getting your stand stolen, wait until a day or so before the season to put the tacks up.
    Also, a roll of surveying tape is a good idea. You can mark the last place that you found blood on a blood trail. This can be a life-saver when you have a weak blood trail. After marking 5 or 6 spots with the tape, you can get a better idea of what course the deer is taking and it can give you a better idea of where to look for the next drop.