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    I have started a new system for myself. Sometimes I think I like the game
    of hunting deer more than I like deer hunting. I enjoy hunting a certain deer
    finding his tracks, his rubs and scrapes, figuring what he is feeding on, where
    he beds and doing this from a distance. If you do it right he has no idea you
    are on to him. It like a big chess match. This type of hunting wears you down
    physically and mentally. You spend hours and hours in a tree stand glassing
    woods and cut-over. Sometimes you actually strain your eyes looking so
    hard and so much. Its cold and boring sometimes. Sometimes you might
    see him several times before you shoot. I will take a long shot but I will
    not take a bad shot. When you hunt like this it is a lot like work. After
    several days I get in a funk. I am tired sore stiff and wore out. What I
    have started doing is taking my .22 to camp with me. I take a morning
    off. I get my .22 and go hunting. I do not check wind direction or weather
    I just go hunting. If I need to cough I cough. I love the action I might shoot
    20 times. I shoot a rifle instead a toting it for days on end. I have taken
    several messes of squirrels and a coon and a rabbit. If a crow lands in a
    tree in range he is history. The local people had rather have squirrels or
    a coon than a deer. I have a great time and its a great attitude adjuster.
    If you have not tried this give it a try. It reminds you of when you were
    a lot younger and hunting was fun.