Deer Creek Lake

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  1. Hoopie

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    Does any one know anything about the catfish tourney held at deer creek lake? Entry fee? rules? times? etc....
  2. bigcatman

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    Ashville, Ohio
    all i no is a couple of the rules you can only have channels and flatys and size limits and catch limits count and lets say u got a 8 person boat all 8 peaple are a team and its combined weight i fished in one last year becasue i dont live to far from there and i forget everything about it and it starts at 7 or 8 i think and ends at 2 or 3 if u go tell me maybe i can meet up with u and we can do some fishing over there but i only know of a couple good fishing holes from a boat and like two from the bank so ya well let me no