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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by flathead willie, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. flathead willie

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    I went to see my friend Gary today and noticed the front left 1/4 of his wife's car was all smashed in. He said she had just hit another deer. Gary almost totaled his new truck hitting a deer a few months ago, I hit one in my truck coming home from hunting last year and came within inches of hitting 3 on a foggy morning this year. There have been a lot of dead ones on the roads lately. Who else has had run-ins with deer or knows someone who did?
  2. laidbck111

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    Me and the wife have been lucky and not hit any, yet, our neighbors on both sides of us have. The professer has hit three this year and he only drives about 4 miles a day. I did hit one a couple years back in Pelion, SC and it messed up the truck pretty good.

  3. splitshot

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    Hey Billie, Merry Christmas. Here is a switch for ya. My sons boss put down a nice six point while hunting this year, walked up to the buck, poked him in the arse with his rifle. The buck didnt move so he unloaded his gun and proped it up against a tree. When he started walking back to the buck, which was about ten feet away the buck got up and plowed into him, knocking him down, then fell over dead. He ended up with six stitches, and a great story to pass along to his grandkids. :big_smile:
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    So far so good. (knock on wood) We have had some close ones but no hits.