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Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by catman529, Oct 18, 2006.

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    The cat I caught yesterday was caught in the same area that I fish during the summer but in a deeper spot, closer to a steep rock bank. A while back I had seen a fly fisheman wade into the area and was up to his neck so I figured it would be a good spot.
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    LOL, I'm surprised the poor flyfisherman wasnt drowned! I get freaked out when I wade in over my waist just because of the waders fillin up. Thats why I carry a sharp knife to cut them off if I get caught! Anyway back to the topic. tenn isint that awful far away from me geographically speaking and I'm gonna try your philosophy today. I know of a few deep holes up here in PA. that I'm gonna try today. Thanks for the tip,
    Your bud, Jay!

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    That is very true catman. A lil slough I fish is only about 5-6 ft deep and some holes are maybe 10ft. I just cast a few yards away from my summer/spring spot that is 4-5 ft and fish the deep hole that is around 8 ft.