Deep Sea Fishing - Rod / Reel Maintainence

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  1. Jedi007

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    Chino Hills, California
    Can anyone tell me what I am supposed to do with my rod and reel after taking it Deep Sea Fishing. Obviously I do not want it to rust or corrode.

    Can I just dunk it in the bathtub and then relube it? DO I have to take all of the line off and re-spool it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to be able to preserve my equipment for as long as possible. Thank you.
  2. tofish

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    everything i've been told is no pressure wash, so forget hose. (least i was told that and worked for me.) i would bring back from normal fishing day off coast and throw in pool in back yard kids played in. never had problems


    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Rinse it off real good. Ya can use the hose just don't hammer it. Spray it down good and ya should be fine. Do it as soon as ya get home. Don't forget cause the salt will win. LOL!
  4. peewee williams

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    Buy 2 cheap spray bottles so you will have a spare.Buy a gallon jug of bottled water from your supermarket.Get distilled water when ever possible as it has a affinity about absorbing the minerals and salts in sea water.Carry it with you in your vehicle.Mist your whole outfits and your hands until the water literly runs off it as soon as you get back to your vehicle.You don't want the salt in your vehicle do you?Dry off and put them in your vehicle.If your reel happens to get submerged in salt water,submerge it in several rinses of distilled water.If the salt water has had time to dry in the reel before you can get to it as most often happens,SOAK the reel each time in distilled water from hours in each change of water.It already has BAD water in it.Yes,I know what the manufactures say.I tried many ways.For seven years,I lived 1 1/2 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean with two boys and their friends using all my gear.This meant saltwater and sand inside the gear on every trip.I was also a mechanic.On shutdowns and such,it might be days to weeks before I could disassemble the reels.I had "Tall buckets" where the kids could stand the rods with reels in the distilled water when they got back to the house when I was not home.They would often stick them in the buckets of water between trips for days at the time when I was working long hours.These reels all had bushings for bearings,not the wimpy "balls" of today.This worked on Daiwa,Saltwater spinning,Penn and Zebco 808-888 reels.The various "bait casting"reels that visiting folks brought along did not fair as well.A Penn and two Zebcos are 25+ years old and still fishing.I don't know about all,as the rest were stolen.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    We go to the beach twice a year for a week at a time and I fish every day. I rinse mine off everyday when I get back to the hotel and have never had any problems with corosion.:wink:
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    I fish both salt and fresh water. My reel of choice is an Ambassadeurur 6500 and some 7000 type reels. I have about 10 of these reels and take them to the coast about 12 times a year. I have been doing this for about 7 years and just rinsed them off after each trip. This last trip I decided to take the one I have used the most and take it apart and see if I had any salt water damage. I did not. I like the idea of using distilled water. Thanks for that tip. Catfishjon
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    That distilled water idea is a good one! I remember my very late step-grandfather taking me fishing over 40+ years ago when the only thing I had to worry about at the time was how big a catfish I was going to catch!:smile2: THANK YOU Peewee for bring back that memory!:wink::smile2:
    Also, to our new initiate; Brother Pat Muckelroy,
    Welcome Aboard and GLAD TO HAVE YA! :smile2:
    GLAD to see ya posting too. Keep up the good posts!
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    kalamazoo, michigan U.S.A
    it might depend on the type of reel you are using. is it a reel with anti corrosion bearings and saltwater friendly metal like stainless steel or a freshwater reel that has non sealed corrosive metal parts?

    i have not gone deep sea fishing with my own equipment but do fish brackish water channels and surf fishing which may be even more brutal on reels for the following: sometimes if you are knee to waist deep or even chest to neck deep in surf, no matter what either to change bait or to revive fish your reel will be submerged for minutes in the salt. to make matters worse when surf fishing in rough waves and paying attention to the release of the fish your rod and reel may be bouncing and scrapping all over the exremely abbrasive sand.

    i always always rinse my reels in the sink every single time i return. i have not even cracked open my 200b shimano in 4 years with the exception of external lubing and that thing casts a country mile still. i used an abu garcia record 60 in some brackish water chanels this summer, rinsed it in the sink and since officially it is not a saltwater reel i decided to crack it open to inspect. like brand new.

    the distilled water suggestion is pretty good though. i will probably buy a gallon on trips and soak the reels afterwards,
    regards, m.a.d.