Deep holes?

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    Do the blues stay deep? I try to concentrate on the spots that evryone tells me, ie; deep drops with structure, and I have been trying 30 and 40 feet of water. But do the fish come up to feed like bass say at night into the shallows. How about woking a 20 foot drop. I have been setting up and trying to put some rods towards the shallow and some towards deep and have not seen any difference probably because I have'nt been catching much:confused2:

    Second question is I have an older depth finder and am getting ready to purchase a new one. Have you guys noticed that you need a high dollar one or is something in the $150.00 range do good? I even have been contimplating getting on of the chartploter versions that has the contour map included. Anybody got one? If so is it worth the extra 200
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    Jeff I fish the same way from the bank, a line far and deep, one middle of the road, and one close. I think your on the right track. I read somewhere that blues do not actually always feed off the bottom. Maybe when it gets real cold they stay low. As far as a depth finder I can't help you . I thought about going the kayak fishing route...lucky I didn't I'd have drown by now. It looked like they were in the 450 -500 range for a fishfinder depth finder....Oh thanks for bumping my topic down a notch.....:smile2:
    good luck...the big one is just a trip away.

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    I ended last year with my 2 p.b. in 3 feet of water, they were chasin shad into the shallow water about 8;8:30 in early November after dark.! awesome catch,, though since i have got 2 more pb's this spring ...also in 3 feet of water during the daytime! Go Figure eh? lol good luck fishing / see you soon on the water!:smile2:
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    I have a Humminbird 975 that has charts and GPS. I like it for fishing the tidal streams. All the hazards creeks, wrecks etc are right on the screen. I fish all over VA in the tidal rivers plus the Bay on nice days. I am going to Morehead NC and fish for false albacore in Nov. I need my charts and its nice having them built in the finder. If I only fished the James,,,,,,You could do fine with one that sells for $200 or so.
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    Probally 60% of my winter time fish that i have caught are in 15' of water or less... Yet one of my biggest came from 35' and the other came from 7' just a week apart in december of last year. This summer i caught 2 over 50 3 days apart 1 was in 39' and the other was in 9'... this was in august... So to ask what depth thye are.. i woul dhave to say depends on the bait, water temp, water current, frequency of area fished, there are so many factors which affect where and when a catfish goes... Mt experience has shown not to set your eyes on only one depth of water yett ry different depths that day to see where they are. Just my opionin with the experience I have so far.. This is what i use for a depth finder/ chart plotter/gps/ its very compact in size for someone without alot of room. I wouldnt trade if for the space I have to mount one on my boat for any other item.. It only cost me $400.00. Like I said I cant complain about it.. And most days I have no trouble finding the fish with out the high tech gadgets...

    Lowrance® Color M68C S/Map Sonar/GPS Marine Mapping Combo

    Lowrance's M68C S/Map features highly-detailed hydrographic mapping and an internal GPS+WAAS receiver. Internal back-up memory keeps stored sonar settings and GPS data accessible for years. Lowrance's M68C is completely sealed and waterproof for use in the harshest environments. Includes manufacturer's full one-year warranty.
    Screen, Keys and Case
    Striking 3.5'' diagonal, 320x240 pixel, sunlight-readable 256-color, active matrix TFT display for superior sonar and mapping detail
    White LED backlit screen and keypad for night or low-light viewing
    Simplified keypad with Menu and Pages keys
    Overlay Data feature displays GPS information over sonar screen and sonar information over GPS screens
    Space-saving case design with adjustable tilt, quick-mount/release convenience

    800 watts peak-to-peak transmit power with depths to 600 feet
    2X and 4X zoom with bottom tracking zoom
    Full-screen LCD flasher mode with COLORLINE™ displays real-time sonar readings
    Auto or manual sensitivity, surface clarity, noise rejection and depth-range controls
    Selective on/off shallow, deep, zone and fish alarms
    Low-profile high-performance 200 kHz Skimmer® transducer with built-in water surface temp sensor and up to 60-degrees of fish detection coverage
    Operates up to 70 mph
    Other unique sonar features include HyperScroll™, Advanced Signal Processing (ASP™), Advanced Fish Symbol I.D.™, FishTrack™

    12-parallel channel GPS+WAAS receiver with advanced internal satellite antenna
    Built-in Lowrance high-detail hydrographic mapping of lakes, rivers, Great Lakes and U.S. coastal waters with navigational aids
    Memory saves up to 1,000 waypoints, 1,000 event markers and up to 100 waypoints/routes
    100 savable plot trails with up to 10,000 points per trail
    42 graphic icons to mark important spots
    40 map ranges (0.02 to 4,000 miles) with easy zoom-in/out control
    Off course/arrival/anchor alarms
    Trip calculator, sun/moon calculator
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    Lynchburg, VA
    That was good info by Mike. I will add that I never really had much luck in shallow water, but if you setup at the right time in the right type of shallow water, then you can catch big fish. Like I said, I was never a believer, but went on a trip last month and although we didn't land them, we had two very large fish on in 3' of water. We got one to the side of the boat that was 50-60. But it can't be any shallow spot. It's got to be a place that draws fish.