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    pleasant h
    what area can ya find some deep holes area to look for osage,warsaw area need to check some areas out and try to find some:confused2:
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    "Deep" on Truman or LOZ is anything around 45 to 50 ft or so. Once the water cools down some more (it's got at least another 10 degrees to go -- 40 to 45 surface temp is the target), the bait and blue cats start to congregate in holes and (on Truman in particular) in the old river channel.

    On LOZ, you won't find 50 ft water anywhere close to Warsaw - it's a long boat ride downstream. Once they draw the lake down for the winter, your choices become a whole lot more obvious.

    On Truman, I'd look anywhere the old river channel is about 50 ft deep and fairly narrow. And it's gotta be somewhere that you can actually fish -- there's all kinds of great places that meet the "50 ft deep" criteria but they're out in the middle of the lake where you can't anchor precisely. There's tons of great spots on the Grand, Osage, Tebo and Pomme arms.

    Regardless of which lake you're on, the view on the fish finder will be just about the same when you've found the right spot -- the bottom 15 ft or so will be blacked out with fish. When you find that spot, throw out some fresh cut shad and hang on. If you don't have any action within 15 minutes or so, you're in the wrong spot.

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    Medford i hope your takin all this in and haven't lost my phone #.:wink: Outside of bass fishin i never fished in the winter. I like the idea of them stackin up.
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    dont get to hung up on trying to find deep holes only medford on truman or LOZ .

    truman get a good map of the lake or use your gps map and look for spots that the channel is close to a bank or bluff with standing timber so you have somthing to tie the boat off to so ya can cast to the fish .

    also slow trolling or drifting produces well in the winter on truman Ive caught fish in january doing this many times and infact have found schools of fish to drift threw in 30 foot of water and not in the river channels , but its very easy to drift thew the river channels that are in the middle of the lake that their is nothing close to tie off to .

    I like the pomme arm to drift and slow troll in the winter because you have the best of both worlds the river channels around 45 to 50 foot deep zig zag all over the place and lots of water around 30 to 40 foot inbetween them ive hit several fish from 8 to 35 lbs in .

    also the osage arm towards osceola is great for winter fishing on truman .

    windsor crossing area is hot for winter fishing on truman also .

    dont just look for deep water on truman thats 60 plus foot deep .

    As far as lake of the ozarks for winter fishing year after year after year ive found fish in december in the same spots thats not the deepest at all .
    they stack up on the channel edges and ledges 1 of my favorite spots in december I fish a ledge and catch fish from 8 foot of water down the ledge to 20 to 25 foot year after year .
    infact have broke ice before going down river and still catch them in that depth range .

    so just dont drive down the middle of the river channel looking for fish I have much more success driving close to the channel edge zig zagging up and down the edge of the river .

    ive hit the dome hole across from cole camp creek many a time in years past looking in 40 to 50 foot of water and not seen many fish and thats 1 of the deepest holes in that area .

    some years we have done very well fishing in warsaw in the winter and not going down river . This just may be 1 of them years again because of all the rain we had in october and the dam letting out water all fall and bringing up and keeping fish close to the dam :wink:
    I feel as soon as they shut the water off at the dam they will go right into stacking up around december 15 th i feel fishing will be hot on lake of the ozarks ..

    it was so good a few years ago my dad caught many 15 to 40 lbers just fishing off the bank at the harbor on the river side all threw december to febuary , 2 of my buddies catch the heck out of blue cats bank fishing right below the dam in january and febuary but mostly at night .

    Be patient and take time to drive around and find the fish before setting up thats the whole key to winter fishing ya may find fish in the first 30 minutes or it may take ya a couple hours to find them stacked up .

    after the water temps go below 45 degrees I down size my baits infact I like catching the little 2 to 4 inch shad the best and cutting them in half and hooking 2 to 3 pieces of the heads on the hook for bait . quarter size bait seems the best in dead of winter for me .

    The bite will change some also they may still take the rod down but many at time its just a tap tap bite and still be a big fish that you will need to reel down on with circle hooks or set with J style hooks .

    some may not believe me but on the right days with lots of sun shine and right conditions ive had a blast catching them in 2 to 8 foot of water in the winter , so if your fishing close to a flat or on the edge of the channel never over look casting a couple rods shallow :wink:

    give me a call somtime medford I would like to take you and robert out in the end of december and show ya some spots , I still owe robert a fishing trip he was so good to me and helped me get the boat out over at osceola last august when i was afraid the water getting so low that i may get stuck trying to get the boat back on the trailor ..

    thanks again for that robert :big_smile: :big_smile:
    we need to get john back up here 2 ive tried twice to fish with john ( country hart ) and I allways had somthing going on ..
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    pleasant h
    thanks scotty and t for the great info ,again the boc brothers have helped a fellow brother with some usefull info ,scotty we will probably take ya up on that my friend god bless boc brothers and sisters reps to ya all thanks:wink: