deep freze for a bait tank?

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  1. twincatfis

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    lincoln nebraska
    i have an old deep freeze latin around and i was thinking bout turn it into a bait tank to keep at my house. is this possible? if so can i get some advice on getting started never have done anything like this before any help would help thanks alot
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    collins mo
    Mike it will work fine, you have insulation, all ready, their.
    just plumb, and go, Might check and make sure, you have a drain, if not you can use a siphon hose.
    bass pro carrys most of fitting to plumb.

  3. MoMudCat

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    I am planning to do the same thing. I was going to separate the the area where the motor step is and build a filter system similar to the blue water bait tanks. I was planning on using 6 inch or so pvc pipe with holes in it for the filter box and polyfil for the filter media. Lots of silicone to seal things up. I plan on keeping gills, chubs, bullhead, goldfish, not shad. Any advice or suggestions to my plan are welcome!!:smile2:

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    Man, I was just going to post on the virtues on my home made chest type deep freezer bait tank! I have been using mine all summer. As stated, it's insulated. When the temps were in the 90s here, the water in my chest type freezer/bait tank in the shade stayed cool all summer. I have a siphon hose that I use to drain it. I use an 18 inch air stone and an aquarium pump, and it keeps bait real good for a long time. I don't feed my bait much, so it doesn't get messy and need filtration. Certainly for long time bait storage, I'd set up a filtration system. The one single most thing that I did to keep my losses to minimum was to lie a five gallon bucket in the water/tank with the bait. When I open the lid, the bait (bream, shiners, warmouth, etc) goes in the five gallon bucket. The bucket/structure gives them security, thus relieving stress which is the number one killer of bait. When I get ready to fish, I open the lid on the freezer. The bait runs into the bucket. I grab the handle of the bucket and quickly turn it upright capturing most all of the bait that was seeking refuge in it. :smile2: Try a bucket in your tank and you will see a big difference in the longevity of your bait.

    Bill in SC
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    put ur freezer on a timer....they work great if u can time it right!