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Deep Fork River

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Deep Fork River in central Oklahoma drains an area of 78,453 km² . The headwaters are in Britton, in
northeastern Oklahoma City. The river flows through a long, narrow basin eastward for 370 km to its
confluence with the North Canadian River in Lake Eufaula. The basin is elongated with an average width of
40.2 km.
There are two reservoirs on the Deep Fork River, Lake Arcadia and Lake Eufaula. Lake Arcadia is at T04N
R02W S36 in Oklahoma County, in the metropolitan areas of Oklahoma City and Edmond.
Construction started in October 1980, and the reservoir became operational in November 1986. Other small
lakes in the Deep Fork drainage include Belle Isle, Northeast, Aluma, Hiwassee, Clark, Okemah City, Stroud,
Okmulgee, and Henryetta.
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i really enjoy fishing the deep fork river. my family has some land on the deep fork river just north of henryetta in coalton bottoms. its a great place to catch some nice catfish. :0a23:
I fish the Deep Fork in OKC just south of Lake Arcadia. It has alot of cats, bass, carp and Crappie too.
When fishing rod and reel I prefer river fishing to lake fishing and have found this to be the most productive river in the OKC area.
always had a good time ... until they put in the new bridge. Hadn't fished it more than once since then. Is it still any good?
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