Decoys or not?

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Blue Duck, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Blue Duck

    Blue Duck New Member

    I have always done pretty well with out a decoy. Thinking about getting one for this spring, but not sure if it will actually help. Whats your experience?
  2. CatfishHateMe

    CatfishHateMe New Member

    cant tell ya, this will be my first time out this spring for turkeys. im gunna try a use just 2 or 3 decoys. some guys use alot of decoys tho, in the 7-12 area.

  3. brian sax

    brian sax New Member

    shawnee kansas
    I like to use them. Turkeys feel safer in numbers, and when he can get a visual of that hen he thinks is calling it makes him more likely to come in. If you are just using one decoy I would use a jake. No matter how many hens are around, that tom will go right to the jake everytime. So have that jake facing towards where you want that turkey to be when you shoot because he will get nose to nose with the jake to try and run him off.
  4. Pillpeddler

    Pillpeddler New Member

    I always keep a hen decoy folded up in my vest, I don't always use it but its alway there. A lot of the time it stays in my vest when I run and gun, but as fun as it is to R&G, its not always the best method. When the toms are henned up (as often seems to happen the way the KY season falls) I like to have a decoy 10 to 15 yds. in front of me, if I can find some light brush like part of a treelimb or some briars I put the hen there to break up her outline and then call softly on a slate (nothing synthetic unless its wet out) about every 15 minutes. Soft yelps, clucks and the occasional purr. And I sit. And sit. Not real exciting until you turn your head and a tom has materialized 20 yds away, out of nowhere. No gobble. No drum. Instant high blood pressure! Lord I can't wait for turkey season!
  5. Sparky Larson

    Sparky Larson New Member

    Marlette Michigan
    I use three Feather-Flex decoys all the time. Two hens, and a jake. I have the jake and one hen in the breeding position, and the other hen about 10ft - 15ft or so away. I hunt out of a tent and have scored in the first or second day of the season for the last 10 yrs. In my situation, the decoys work for me. I like hunting out of a tent, cause you can get away with a little movement. I'm no pro on Turkey hunting, but I do my home work, and I have good sucess.
  6. huntsfromtree

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    KC Northland
    I usually dont use a decoy because I run and gun, but if I do I only use a featherflex hen since I hunt public land and have got shot at enough already.. But as Sparky said a Jake mounting a hen works very well and really ticksoff toms and brings them in.
  7. brian

    brian New Member

    I us about three to four(3-hens,1-jake) I take some fishing string realy lite line and tie it to my jake so I can move him around,plus it will let me move around a little if I have to Give it a try brother