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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by misterwhisker, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. misterwhisker

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    T. Bowl
    I have used the strategy of using more than one vehicle in my neck of the woods ..because of high pressure the more the merry er , especially during turkey season,it does detour other hunters from taking your spot,...i remember one year i even had a mock camp just to keep others away...guess what it worked ....has any one else ever tryed it???:wink:
  2. on_the_fly

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    I used to hut a place were the deer would cross the road in two differen places so I would use my truck and park in front of one to force them to use the other it worked well but I only did it on the days I hunted and I have never used a truck to discourage or stop other hunters. I would think it would be efective though, if they dont get mad enough to become disructive to your truck feeling you cut them out of their spot or something.

  3. brother hilljack

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    That is a great idea, I would have never thought of that. Of course where I hunt in OHio it would not matter
  4. kennylee

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    misterwhisker, you are one sly fox, good hunting.
  5. katfish ken

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    That is a cool idea Paul:wink: Not having to worry much here this year seems not to be as many hunting as normal
  6. CountryHart

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    We think alot alike Paul.:smile2: I have made a circle before actually going to my spot just to see if anyone is tailin me.:confused2: If i want company, i'll ask someone to go.
  7. lance

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    A little diffrent stratagy . A farm I hunted as a teen you either parked close at the mouth of the hollow or a half mile away on the other side of the ridge . Later in the season it was best to park further away 1 Deer didn't hear the truck or the doors or the little conversation if they did someone was sneeking in that wasn't suppose to be there anyway . Guess where the deer ran ? To the back of the hollow in the low gap or out a little side hollow half way back !:wink:
  8. flathead willie

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    I haven't tried that for hunters, but I've used a similar tactic to get deer where I want them. I used to hunt a place where deer usually left a hay field on top of a ridge by one of two trails in the morning. One went to a cedar thicket with no good stands, and the other one to the thicket I hunted. I took a pair of white coveralls out, put them on a hanger, and hung them on a branch blocking one trail. It moved the deer right to me! :wink:
  9. Mark J

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    I've moved hunters with false scrapes and rubs.
    Gotta make them just a little bit impressive and realistic.:smile2:
  10. smhmc6

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    Haha, thats funny right there. I actually hunt public land and the place I hunt has two entrances. I started parking in the entrance when I started getting pheasant/quail hunters walking around, the parking place was also where the deer crossed. I figured I'd rather see one or two less deer than get shot. I've been worried though that the bird hunters would come in from the other way, so I always keep an eye out so I can flag 'em down with blaze orange or yell at them or something. Well, last Saturday morning it didn't matter. A group of 7 bird hunters parked right behind me and crashed around through the field hunting. I put on my orange and got out of my stand and walked 200 yards to meet them and let them know where I was so they don't shoot in my direction. I thought that might keep them on that end of the field if not make them want to hunt another field. I got back up in my stand and turned around and there they were about 100 yards behind me continuing on through right under me and past me... then 10 min they came back through hunting the other way. Seems they didn't care too much.... so the decoy truck is a good idea, but for some it won't matter.
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    Those guys Suck... Cant stand people like that , they have no consideration.
  12. johnliester

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    I tried that while goose hunting one time. Geese were flying over an area that had a road, but no cover to blind up in. I figured if I parked my rig there they would move their pattern enough to come over where we could hide. Wrong!! Dirty boogers flew right over the truck treetop high..........:confused2: