Decker Lake

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    Dale, Texa
    The latest report from Walter Long Lake (AKA Decker Lake) from last week. Fished Sunday for about 6 hours, wind was brutal. With 2 drift socks out I was still moving 2+ mph at times. Had one good hit, bent the rod double with tip near the water, lasted about 4 minutes then line went slack. Bait (cut buffalo) came back in and it had been destroyed. Then I see this report this morning kinda makes me wonder, was that the one?

    Water clear; 67 degrees. Black bass are good on watermelon soft plastic worms and minnows near the dam. Hybrid striper are good on minnows along the bank at night. White bass are good on shrimp and minnows. Crappie are good on minnows. Channel and blue catfish to 50 pounds are excellent on minnows and shrimp. Yellow catfish are slow.
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    I fished there in the wind before, it's not fun!!!!!There are some pics of some real nice fish on the wall of the bait shop, never seen one in person pulled out of there though!!!!