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    I was going to head out Tuesday morning but watched the news and the weather guy said possible gusts up to 30mph....Not going out in that. So I hooked up the boat and went to my buddies shop and did some TLC on my engine. What I found was a lot of water in my gas tank. I had had some random problems gettting the old girl to start now and then lately. I am hoping to get out soon but my son has basketball and hockey thru March so I decided to winterize.
    Dumped the old gas
    Fogged the engine with marine fog
    Lubed up erything all grease fittings
    Greased wheel bearings
    Checked tire pressure on trailer and spare

    I was dissapointed not to get out but at the end of the day when I parked the boat back in the yard I was glad I had took a day to do neccessary preventative maintenance.

    I dont know too much about outboards and having a buddy who works on all types of engines is a major benefit. If anyone ever needs work done I stand behind him %100....just not when he's backing up:big_smile:

    Just a reminder to all what the "P" stands for in PM.
    Happy boating!
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    Lynchburg, VA
    Jeff, if anything, we need to summer-ize our boats! The gettin' is good right now.

    Sorry to hear you're out of commission, but supporting your son is great and I'm sure he appreciates it! When I get my boat fixed, be glad to take you out.

  3. freshbaitrules

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    Hey Josh, thanks for the offer and I will call in sick any day to fish with a pro such as yourself. My motor is fine I just was'nt sure if I was going tomorrow or 5 weeks from now so I thought it best to get it ready in case.
    I checked out your blog and you are the man!

    Thanks again, you have passed along some great information and helped me and many others.

    Best of luck.
  4. ramon06

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    Good stuff on the PMCS lol When I get my boat I may have to look you and your buddy up for a thorough overlook, hope his prices are decent. Tight lines and get back on the water soon
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    You didn't miss much as far as weather...wind wasn't too bad...but it wasn't too good either.
    Here's my favorite bumper sticker
    "Eat, Sleep, Fish"
    make it...
    "Eat, Sleep, Repair Boat, Fish"
    should read...
    "Eat, Be a Dad, Sleep, Think about Fishing"