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    The woods were silent and still, as was she.
    The night he decided to take all of her dignity.

    She thought to herself, I’ve only known him for a little while.
    But "oh my God, this guy has got an incredible smile".

    His innocent looks from across the yard.
    Totally threw her off, allowing her to drop her guard.

    When he noticed her looking. He walked her way.
    Soon they were talking. Like they had known each other for days.

    She thought to herself, "The stars are so bright, what a beautiful night".
    As he took off the cap, and handed her another Bud light.

    They were laughing, and drinking for the next couple of hours.
    When he determined that she was no longer thinking straight.
    He made the decision to envoke his power.

    She had no idea she was being deceived.
    When he wrapped his arm around her, he whispered in her ear are you ready to leave?

    She had never been the type to leave with a guy she had just met that night.
    But the alcohol inside of her made everything feel right.

    Driving down the road inside of his jeep. With her hair outside blowing in the wind.
    He found a secluded spot and with no hesitation, casually pulled in.

    He got out and threw a blanket down onto the ground.
    Then he asked her, Aren’t you going to lay down?

    She peered into his eyes. Full of deception in disguise.
    Still not having a clue of what he was intending to do.

    He leaned over and began with a kiss.
    With his hand’s all over her. Not one body part did he miss.

    Starting to feel uncomfortable, she grabbed his hand and asked him to stop.
    He began laughing at her as he rolled over on top.

    She tried to move. But his strength was to much.
    As he pinned her down. He continued to touch.

    When he looked into her eyes. He could see her fear.
    He told her not to cry. As he wiped away her tears.

    Lying there helpless. At least until he was through.
    Was there anything she could possibly do?

    She closed her eyes and began to pray.
    Quietly asking God, "Will this be my final day"?

    Written for: All of the sexually assaulted and raped women of the world.
    On August 13, 1995
    By: Garrett
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    Garrett Well written. Thanks for sharing with the BOC. I hope people will realize who the master Deciever is. The Devil.:big_smile:

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    All I can say is WOW!! Your good.